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Cancer horoscope with a side of humor

The Zodiac of a Cancer horoscope

Debra Silverman is part astrologer, part psychologist, part comedian and All Real.As if her near-daily horoscopes and incredibly thorough reference videos weren’t enough, Debra Silverman takes the time to joke about astrology, too. We highly recommend her hilarious Signs series, where she plays an exaggerated version of each member of the Zodiac.

In a Cancer horoscope, Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac, belonging to those born between June 21 and July 22. It is symbolized by the crab, which reflects its ability to move between the emotional and material worlds. The Cancer horoscope is a water sign, meaning it is highly intuitive, sensitive, and emotional. Cancer is also a cardinal sign, meaning it is ambitious, driven, and likes to initiate action.

Cancer is ruled by the moon, the celestial body that represents our inner feelings, instincts, and needs. Cancer is influenced by the changing phases of the moon, which can affect its mood and behavior. The Cancer horoscope is also connected to the fourth house of astrology, which governs home, family, roots, and security.

Cancer is known for being loyal, nurturing, and protective of its loved ones. Cancer has a strong sense of empathy and can easily relate to others’ feelings and emotions. Cancer is also creative and imaginative, and enjoys expressing itself through art, music, or writing.

Some of the challenges that a Cancer horoscope faces are being moody, insecure, and clingy. Cancer can be easily hurt or offended by others’ words or actions, and may withdraw into its shell or lash out defensively. Cancer can also be overly attached to the past or its comfort zone, and may resist change or growth. Cancer needs to learn to balance its emotions with logic, and to trust its intuition without being paranoid.

Some of the famous people who share the Cancer zodiac sign are Princess Diana, Nelson Mandela, Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, Selena Gomez, and Elon Musk.

About Debra

When Debra Silverman was just 20 years old, she met an astrologer who blew her mind and changed her world forever. She had officially been introduced to the world of Astrology. It was then that she realized the stars in her own world had aligned just right, and she had found her life’s purpose.

Debra went on to deeply study the mind and body, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology & Dance from York University and a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University.

Over the past 40 years of professional experience and private practice, she has specialized in helping thousands of individuals achieve emotional health and wisdom based on their unique personality and the four elements: water, air earth, and fire. Her work with families, individuals, and couples has her standing out in a sea of therapists and coaches.

Debra’s Astrology Approach

While there is no “one size fits all” approach, Debra has developed a unique psychological-spiritual model, combining her expertise in Esoteric (soul-centered) Astrology with her extensive education in Psychology to help those going through major life changes, especially in crisis. She custom designs her therapeutic approach to each individual, using astrology and psychology as a magical healing combination.

What makes Debra different is not only her honest and direct style, but her fun and non-traditional way that she breathes new life into an ancient practice. Her goal is to connect with you on a deeper level and help you heal, while making you laugh and accepting you just as you are.

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