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Instantly learn how-to program & charge your waters memory using only intention

how to program & charge your waters memory

In order to program waters memory, we must be  aware of how crucial water is to life on earth. The human body is nearly two-thirds water – it can function for many weeks without food, but will die after only a few days without water.

In order to program waters memory, the ability of water to retain a memory of substances previously dissolved in it even after an arbitrary number of serial dilutions. It is a mechanism by which homeopathic remedies work as you program waters memory, even when they are diluted to the point that no molecule of the original substance remains.

Waters memory is a central concept in homeopathy, a form of alternative medicine that uses highly diluted substances to treat various ailments. Homeopaths believe that in order to program water memory, one must allow the water to carry the healing properties of the original substance, and that the more diluted the substance is, the more potent it becomes.

1. Choose a source of water that you want to program waters memory, such as a glass of water, a bottle of water, or a bowl of water.

2. Choose a positive stimulus that you want to expose the water to, such as a word, a phrase, an emotion, a sound, or a picture. For example, you could choose the word “love”, the phrase “thank you”, the emotion of joy, the sound of classical music, or the picture of a flower.

3. Place the water near the positive stimulus and focus your intention on transferring the positive energy to the water. You could also speak to the water, touch the water, or play the sound near the water. Do this for as long as you feel necessary.

4. Freeze the water and observe the ice crystals under a microscope. Alternatively, you could drink the water or use it for another purpose.

But it’s more than that. Take a deep breath. The air you inhale contains water molecules, the same water molecules our ancestors inhaled, the same molecules which grew every piece of food we’ve ever eaten. Through water, we are connected to everyone and everything that has ever lived, or ever will live on earth.

Yet, if waters memory is one of the earth’s most distinctive and important substances, it is also one of its most mysterious. In modern times, some scientific studies suggest water might be so much more than we already know it to be, not only an inert life-giving substance, but perhaps one which itself lives, and one which remembers …

The concept of waters memory by Dr. Emoto is based on his experiments that claimed to show that water can retain a memory of substances or influences that it has been exposed to, and that this memory can be revealed by the shape and structure of water crystals when frozen. Dr. Emoto also claimed that water can be affected by human thoughts, emotions, words, and music, and that positive or negative intentions can change the quality and appearance of water crystals.

Dr. Emoto used a technique called magnetic resonance analysis to measure the molecular changes in water after being exposed to different stimuli.

He then froze the water samples and took photographs of the ice crystals under a microscope. He claimed that water samples that were exposed to positive stimuli, such as love, gratitude, or classical music, formed beautiful and symmetrical crystals, while water samples that were exposed to negative stimuli, such as hate, anger, or heavy metal music, formed distorted and ugly crystals.

Dr. Emoto also conducted experiments with polluted water from various sources, such as rivers, lakes, or dams. He claimed that by praying over the water or sending positive thoughts to it, he could purify the water and make it form clear and harmonious crystals. He also claimed that he could transfer waters memory from one sample to another by using a device called an electronic inductor.

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