Schematics of Memories

Born in Seoul, Korea, Minjeong An is a fine-artist and graphic designer who has been invited to show her work at numerous exhibitions including “Going Around The Corner of the Square” at Gellery Palais de Seoul in 2010. Her work is about concretizing, clarifying and forming the visible as well as the invisible schematics-such as personal memories and emotions-by using visual, mathematical and scientific languages.

My work appears to be emotionless and analytic, but when you take a close look at it, the majority of my work employs motifs from personal memories, people around me and things that I have. As in “Self-Portrait,” “The Power of a Kiss,” and “Six-Membered Family Portrait,” the work titles also show that the works are somewhat autobiographic and reveal who I am emotionally. They can be seen quite personal and trivial, and yet they are meaningful, something like treasures that I can cherish. Many people overlook the value of everyday things and schematics relationships and often treat them as being menial or unproductive. I want to discover the true and priceless value out of seemingly insignificant things and share them with others. In other words, I am using the logical and scientific tools to transform something trivial and invisible into something memorable and visible.

I would say, lines are the minimal, or the smallest. This definition can be read in multiple ways, but I would say each line shows the smallest unit of study. We see many diagrams and charts everywhere on a daily basis. But, as far as I remember the very serendipitous moment was about 10 year ago when I worked as a web designer. I came across an architectural floor plan on the web and found the complicated lines and signs just beautiful and compelling. I guess, even before this I had been drawn to collaged and highly complex images, but this was a kind of clicking moment seeing the beauty of the floor plan.

Schematics of rulers

When I was in graduate fine arts program, one day I thought of measuring myself with rulers and creating a self-portrait. I sought to express not only the visible part of me but also something invisible like my personality, energy, aura and even my past memories using the objective and almost scientific methods.

In completing the piece, I used signs and symbols from many different schematics charts and diagrams and the practice evolved up until now. But again, as I mentioned earlier the impetus was to express human emotions and trivial but valuable stories including both the visible and the invisible.

I get a lot of my ideas from personal emotions and trivial occurrences. As I mentioned earlier, many people overlook the true value of everyday things and occurrences. To convince or draw people into trivial things, I thought that employing a reliable and authoritative approach, something almost scientific and intellectual would do. I have fun juxtaposing very dry and cerebral images and underlying humane and gentle sentiments together. I think that although my artwork shows quite personal elements, people will find it intriguing enough to look at and can share human’s mutual interest in it. Also, I would say I enjoy revisiting every part of my life. By recalling events, people, things I have cherished and found interesting, I seek to examine them again through careful intellectual observation. Remembering something and recalling specific emotions from the past and the present gives me such pleasure. I hope the viewers will also find such pleasure of their own from my work.

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