build an emergency shelter

How to build an emergency shelter using natural materials

I love the great outdoors but I hate feeling exposed. Wait, don’t those two statements contradict each other? Yes, they do if you don’t know how to build an emergency shelter. But if you can build one…then the answer is: No. Let me explain.

Riding out Mother Nature’s worst without shelter is not only a crappy time; it’s also deadly. When unprepared humans go up against extreme weather, weather wins. You lose. And even if the weather decides to “play nice,” it’s comforting to know how to build a safety barrier between you and the rest of the world. Cold, wet, heat and dangerous animals all reduce your chances of survival.

And at the extremes (blizzards, torrential downpours, heat waves, and attacks), your survival window slams shut. So if you can’t build, find or deploy a survival shelter fast in the harshest conditions, you’re done for in mere minutes. That’s why sheltering is essential to your survival. Everyone should learn the skill of building, finding and deploying survival shelters.


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