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Look Inside a 1995 Spiderman Comic for a Depiction of 9/11

Spiderman Comic, Issue #402, April 11, 1995

Just a regular guy, going through his old comics and notices that The World Trade Center in New York is front and center in the beginning of the story. He then looks for the copyright date and found 1995 listed throughout the issue. He thinks ‘hmmmm’…wouldn’t it be something if the story line showed a plane crashing through the World Trade Center. Watch to see the drawings!

Issue 402 with the World Trade Center

“Spiderman Issue 402” from June 1995, also known as “Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 402”, is part of the Clone Saga event and the Crossfire arc. Here are some key details about the issue with the Spiderman Comic:

Title: “Crossfire, Part One”.
Release Date: April 11, 1995.
Cover Date: June, 1995.
Writer(s): J.M. DeMatteis.
Penciler(s): Mark Bagley.
Inker(s): Larry Mahlstedt, Josef Rubinstein, Al Milgrom.
Colorist(s): Bob Sharen.
Letterer(s): Bill Oakley.
Editor(s): Danny Fingeroth.

The story features characters like Scarlet Spider (Peter Parker), Detective Jacob Raven, Mary Jane Watson-Parker, Judas Traveller, and Scrier. Other characters mentioned include Aunt May, Doctor Octopus (Otto Octavius), Grim Hunter (Vladimir Kravinoff), Ben Reilly, and Kaine.

In this issue of the Spiderman Comic, Peter Parker, dressed as the Scarlet Spider, visits Detective Jacob Raven to convince him of Parker’s innocence in the murder of Raven’s partner in Salt Lake City, five years earlier. Meanwhile, there’s trouble on the home front with MJ, her unborn child, and Aunt May. The issue also explores the nature of good and evil through the eyes of Judas Traveller.

Peter notices that Mary Jane is still upset and wants to know what else is bothering her. She shows him the test she had done on her baby by Seward Trainer. She is concerned about the condition of their baby, fearing what Peter’s radioactive blood may have done to the baby. Catching herself just as she blames her husband’s biology, Mary Jane apologizes and says she is just concerned. Peter is shocked, but understand and says that he will love their baby no matter what happens. That’s when the room begins to fill with mist, causing Mary Jane to pass out in this 9/11 Spiderman Comic.

Peter is then confronted by Judas Traveller. Judas explains that he has not come to fight the wall-crawler, but that he has merely come to observe what happens next. Not buying this, Peter puts on the Scarlet Spider mask and attacks Judas Traveller. However, with his nearly limitless powers, Judas manages to overpower the faux Scarlet Spider. He then begins his test by holding out a globe that he claims to contain the soul of May Parker.

He tells Peter that the globe has the power to restore Aunt May to life and good health. However, this comes at a cost, telling him that in exchange it could snuff out a number of lives. He skirts around the actual number, telling the web-slinger that it could be as many as 100 people, or it could be only one insignificant soul.

However, the Scarlet Spider crushes the globe into bits, seemingly sending the soul of Aunt May back into the afterlife. He refuses to believe any of this has been happening, believing that this is merely a series of illusions. However, Judas says he is a being of great power, and decides to show him what the future has in store for him.

Bringing him back to reality, he shows him a future where Manhattan is in ruins. He then tells Parker that it is his fault, and the cause of this Spiderman Comic disaster will prove that he is not quite the hero he always thought he was.


Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 402 | Marvel Database | Fandom.

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