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Unpacking Tartaria Pt. 1 – Irish Connection, Plato & Isles of California

Unpacking Tartaria Pt. 1

In Plato’s Timaeus we find a very interesting story that can shed some light to this Tartaria Mystery. We explore possible reasons for the fall of the Tartarian Empire and possibly it’s origins.

The Island of California refers to dating from the 16th century, that the California region was not part of mainland North America but rather a large island separated from the continent by a strait now known as the Gulf of California.

One of the most famous cartographic instances in history, it was very obviously shown on many maps during the 17th and 18th centuries. The expert cartographic maps show that California was a terrestrial paradise, like the Garden of Eden or Atlantis. This mapping was not a one-off event. From the mid-1500s to the late 1700s great controversy surrounded the geography of California. For instance, a Spanish map from 1548 depicts California as a peninsula, while a 1622 Dutch map depicts California as an island. A 1626 Portuguese map depicts the land as a peninsula, while a 1630 British map depicts it as an island. A French map from 1682 only shows the tip of the Baja Peninsula. There are slightly over 1,000 maps of California as an island in Stanford’s Glen McLaughlin Collection of California as an Island, the largest collection of such maps in the world.

The Glen McLaughlin Map Collection of California as an Island[collection][]=zb871zd0767&sort=year-asc

Purpose of the universe

Timaeus continues with an explanation of the creation of the universe, which he ascribes to the handiwork of a divine craftsman. The demiurge, being good, wanted there to be as much good as was the world. The demiurge is said to bring order out of substance by imitating an unchanging and eternal model (paradigm). The ananke, often translated as ‘necessity’, was the only other co-existent element or presence in Plato’s cosmogony. Later Platonists clarified that the eternal model existed in the mind of the demiurge.

Properties of the universe

Timaeus describes the substance as a lack of homogeneity or balance, in which the four elements (earth, air, fire and water) were shapeless, mixed and in constant motion. Considering that order is favorable over disorder, the essential act of the creator was to bring order and clarity to this substance. Therefore, all the properties of the world are to be explained by the demiurge’s choice of what is fair and good; or, the idea of a dichotomy between good and evil.

Timaeus, by Plato

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