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a complete breakdown of a national, regional or territorial economy


of or from outside the earth or its atmosphere


intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest

ibm 5100

of or from outside the earth or its atmosphere

atomic clock

intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest

03 January 2001 13:47

I’ve been reading the last few postings with a bit of confusion. I see there is controversy over my “story” that is causing some people to ask themselves if they believe it or not. For quite a while, I have been stating that not only do I not expect anyone to believe me, it’s irrelevant and in my opinion, quite dangerous. Belief implies that you accept what I say as true and real. Over the Internet, this is impossible. In fact, I have stated before, there are many people in 2036 who do not believe in time travel.

I also think that unwavering belief is dangerous. One very disturbing thing I have noticed about your society in general is your blind acceptance of what you are told. Do you really think the news industry doesn’t have an agenda? Do you really think those hamburgers you stuff into your body are safe? Do you really think your government is telling you the truth? What proof do you have of any of that?

What I do want you to do is open your eyes to the events that happening around you that have nothing to do with me. Some of you have been reading for a while now about the war in 2015 and the breakthroughs in particle physics that would be coming soon. Doesn’t the CIA report on 2015 and news on the z-field compression at least support what I’ve been saying a little bit?

I just saw another story today about the Russians moving Nukes into the Balkans to thwart any future expansion by NATO. I also haven’t heard anyone take me up on my “information experiment” on the IBM 5100 or check out the information I’ve given you about the UNIX failure in 2038. With all due respect, I find it hard to take some of you seriously.

05 January 2001 13:46

In 2036, community life is a bit different. People are valued and judged based on their contribution and worth. Work is organized around the family and the value of that work is assessed inside of the community. Most communities range in size from 1000 to 4000 people. If a family wanted to move from one community to another or if a son or daughter wanted to move to another community, they must apply and be interviewed by the community leadership council. During this process, the family or individual is evaluated as to whether or not the work or skill they have is required or necessary to that individual community. Once accepted, the family or individual is expected to uphold their end of the work and support the community. If they don’t, the community stops supporting them and they are forced to change their attitude or move away from the community.

The family work we did was picking, sorting and shipping oranges by sailboat up and down the coast of Florida. We were expected to produce a certain amount for the community and a certain amount for other communities as agreed to by our CLC. In exchange, we received power, water, a certain amount of food and other necessities that were produced inside our community.

I see this message board as a small community and I have no other way to value the contributions of others on it other than what my past experiences tell me. I have tried to answer as many questions as I can without being annoying, repetitive or inappropriate, and for some of you, entertaining. Under these conditions, I have decided to seek guidance from all of you, the other members of this community, as to whether or not my postings are of any value to the direction of these discussions. If they are getting distracting or repetitive, I will stop and continue to enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas.

Who receives the Nobel Prize for time travel? Since you claim no two worldlines are the same, this information could not hurt anything.
There are a great many people involved with the discovery of time travel. Just as I will not give “stock tips”, I will not divulge their names as that may impact their lives now.

What would happen if you gave us technical information that’s discovered in a year or so?
If I had any and I published them, I’m sure they may have a large impact. Unfortunately, I don’t have any with me. Even if I did, I’m sure they would be scrutinized. Again we get back to the same question. If you were a time traveler, what would you do to establish your credibility?

Have any other time travelers visited your future in 2036?
No, I am not aware of time travelers visiting my worldline in 2036. However, that does not mean it can’t or isn’t happening. Also, the possible number of worldlines a time traveler might arrive at would place the chances of them hitting any particular one at very long odds.

What happens to (name of person asking question)? Am I involved in Time Travel? What of the (armed) resistance?
I have no idea what happens to you in your future. There was a resistance on my worldline but their goal was to maintain power and control over other people. We killed most of them by 2020.

How big is the IBM 5100?
I would say its about 20″ long, 10″ high and 30″ long.

Timetravel-0 and I are not getting along.
I’m not aware we had a falling out. I apologize if you think that’s the case.

Are there still books in 2036?
Yes, books are still published.

Are there restrictions to what you can do with the time machine?
The displacement machine is not mine but I am free to make certain decisions based on the experiences and information I gather from each worldline. I am expected back but from their perspective, I will only have been gone for a split second.

06 January 2001 13:10

What is the progress on string theory?
Who doesn’t love string theory? Please forgive the next few comments, I’m trying to be cryptic and jump starting my memory at the same time. In 2036, string theory still dominates physics due to its continued “effect” of encompassing other physical properties from unrelated fields.

A great deal of the theoretical mathematics behind time travel was discovered by testing various ideas in string theory and eliminating the anomalies. As I recall, it was this original work that led to the final proof that six dimensions do indeed curl up to give us our observable universe. This in turn supported more of the theoretical math behind time travel.

It’s ironic that the beauty of string theory gives future engineers the confidence to create the distortion unit even though the final proof is still unknown. You’re a physics student, have you ever heard the Princeton String Quartet play?

09 January 2001 09:28

Why don’t you give us more detailed information about the future so we won’t be so skeptical?
I think skepticism is a good thing and no one should lose it.

Why don’t you accept my challenge? What harm could it do?
I’m not sure what “challenge” you are referring to. If you mean the live chat, I have no problem with that. I do that quite often on other boards. However, I fear I have very few bread and circuses left and I fear I am becoming quite boring. Also, I’m not sure I fully understand the nature of the challenge.

You could still give us details about the future that wouldn’t harm anyone and still add to your credibility.
Again, I do not seek to add to my credibility. There is no point to it. Actually, by providing information that was useful, I would be adding to your collective fear that I am real. In that case, this cycle we are in concerning “truth” only spirals and gets worse.

Why can’t you name the five presidents you have in your time?
Over the past few postings, I have tried to describe the limits of what I will talk about and why. Here is a short recap list. In future postings, I will place the following number next to each question as to why I will not discuss it.

1. I will not disclose any information that will cause someone to personally gain by its knowledge. This means no stock or sports tips.

2. I will not disclose any detailed information that would allow someone to avoid death by probability. This means no earthquake or bombing information.

3. I will not disclose any information that may compromise any future actions by individual people or threaten their family and well-being.

On my worldline, we are no longer afraid of the “NWO”. Are you afraid of Nazis?

The reason the job of President was split into an office of 5 has 4 main reasons. With 5 (presidents), foreign policy is more consistent, power shifting between parties has less of an impact on the overall government, individual strengths between presidents add to the strength of the overall office, and one president is elected for each major area in the United States.

What is the extent of Presidential power in 2036?
The office of President is far more diluted and decentralized than it is here. The powers of the national government are more defined and reside more at the county and state level.

What is the new government like in 2036 compared to the current one?
I think the new government is good. However, since the concept of nationally subsidized welfare is gone, most people here may not appreciate it.

Where is the new US capitol?
The new US capitol is in Omaha Nebraska.

How do the 5 presidents take power?
The voting for individual candidates is on a rotating schedule.

What are the other time traveler’s destinations, and missions?
I am not aware of the details of other missions. Of the seven, three had already left before I did. I suspect they are on similar missions.

Are any other time travelers on our current worldline?
No, the chances of that are very slim.

Are you in contact with other time travelers?
No, although I would suspect that is not impossible I have no idea how you would do that.

Is it possible to send a message through time?
Unless the information physically travels with the person; none that I’m aware of.

I apologize for being unable to respond faster. I looked back and couldn’t find any questions but I may be mistaken.

I also see that you seem to have a great deal of anger directed at me. If you knew where I was and how to get the distortion unit, what would you do? What judgment and punishment should be passed upon me?

On this and many other discussion boards are people who are genuinely interested in and hoping to experience or discover time travel. What punishment would you apply to them if the succeed? I see that you too have had time travel experience. What punishment do you deserve?

When time travel was discovered, there were many people who were against its development. However, once the true nature of time was realized, the resistance faded. Even if one worldline was able to ban, kill and stop all time travel, it will continue on another.

However, the corollary is also true. Take heart, on some worldline, you have succeeded and all time travelers are dead by the hand of your followers and thinking or talking about it is a crime.

Perhaps we should all agree what we mean when we use the phrase “time travel”. We are all moving forward in time just by existing and the effects of acceleration and gravity do “slow” time down for the observer so the rest of the world seems to speed up around them.

If we call this natural time travel (time-like trips on a single worldline) then perhaps its really controlled time travel that you are after (space-like trips on a single worldline or traveling to alternate worldlines).

With that, it may then be useful to separate the concept of controlled time travel into theory and practice. In theory, time travel was taken seriously by mainstream science when it discovered that Einstein’s equations do indeed support the possibility of controlled time travel under special relativity. Since special relativity (under its current limitations) has been proved useful and accurate in predicting other physical phenomena, it is widely believed that controlled time travel is also possible.

Nearly all of the solutions that allow time travel in special relativity also have the annoying problem of crushing the time traveler in a wake of radiation and gravity.

In my experience, there is only one safe way to obtain controlled time travel and that involves the “safe” properties of a Kerr singularity (black hole). However, I do not discount the possibility of other methods either physical or metaphysical. I’m just not sure I would bet my life on them without any math to back them up.

10 January 2001 23:10

You mentioned a divergence percentage between time lines. How is it possible to measure divergence?
The measurement for worldline divergence is an observation variable isolated to the distortion unit. An effective analogy would be a “gravity radar”. The unit’s sensors take a “snapshot” of the local gravity around the unit before a flight. During travel, this baseline is periodically checked to make sure there are no major changes in the environment that would cause a catastrophic mass failure (brick wall appearing from nowhere). The percentage of VGL divergence from one worldline to another is a calculated guess by the three computers that control the unit based on its starting point. It is useless in describing characteristics of individual worldlines.

There is a bit of folklore about the first distortion driver who reaches a destination with a zero divergence. This would mean they had traveled on a space-like trip to their own worldline of origin. This paradox is quite possible although highly unlikely. I wonder if anyone out there can take current string theory and make that one work on paper?

You said 6 curled up dimensions. The current string theory suggests that there should be at least 7.

I may be mistaken but I thought it was pretty well established now that (N-10) was on track.

I’ve been reading the last few postings with a bit of confusion. I see there is controversy over my “story” that is causing some people to ask themselves if they believe it or not. For quite a while, I have been stating that not only do I not expect anyone to believe me, it’s irrelevant and in my opinion, quite dangerous. Belief implies that you accept what I say as true and real. Over the Internet, this is impossible. In fact, I have stated before, there are many people in 2036 who do not believe in time travel.

11 January 2001 09:04

I must admit (forum name), you have succeeded in confusing me. The more I read your postings, the more I question my understanding and local use of social interaction, courtesy and logic. However, I also believe that all viewpoints have some inherent value even if it’s not apparent.

I take it you won’t answer my last post?
I took a look at your last posting and didn’t see any questions. However, I now realize that I may be mistaken in assuming much of what you wrote was rhetorical. In may be helpful if you add some indication that you are asking a question you wish someone to comment on.

If you’re from the future, than you should know what happens to (personal names of people on forum)? Am I involved in time travel?
This is the only question I found from your postings that you could be referring to. Again, I have no knowledge of you in any possible future nor would I comment on it if I did. As far as the photograph of me in a uniform, I’m not sure what that would prove even if I had one.

If you speak to me anymore, I will probably discredit your claims of being a time traveler.
I do not seek credit for anything. The most I hope for (for the most part) is to be at least interesting and engaging.

If you want meet my challenge (to talk online), I await your answer.
Perhaps I was unclear before. I did provide the web link earlier that does have a chat room set up for time travel. My schedule is a bit more flexible right now at least for the next week or so. Please take a look and let me know when you will be there (open to anyone of course). Since there really is nothing to be gained or lost, I look at this not as a challenge but more of an opportunity to get to know everyone better.

You need to answer people more quickly. You answer questions only when it is convenient for you. Your answers appear to be just enough to satisfy someone but you have enough time to just look it up in a book.
I’m not sure what you mean by that. In earlier postings, I have stated that I’m trying to avoid repeating myself and frankly there are some items that are just over my head or that I have no knowledge of. It is curious that you feel knowledge can be something owned or somehow that becomes less worthwhile if it’s passed on.

Your future seems to be fixated on killing people. Isn’t there a criminal justice system or do you just enjoy killing people?
Perhaps you could take the dialogue in question and post it with your question. However, if I understand you, you’re asking about death on my worldline. Yes, it is more a part of our lives than it is yours (at least for now) and capitol punishment is a reality.

I don’t believe I ever said I came back looking for a UNIX bug fix. I came back for a computer system. Don’t you find UNIX useful now?

Temperature is about the same although there were anomalies after the war.

Just curious…. what does everyone think of “IT”? (Ginger)

In the post that follows, I’ve tried to answer the latest questions directed at me but I am hoping you all may be able to add some insight into something I’ve noticed. In our attempt to communicate here, some of the comments on this board have become increasingly hostile and negative. I see the same type of interaction when I watch news interview programs.

The guise of productive interaction and communication is thwarted by illogical verbal attacks and misdirection. I understand why the news does it. They are trying to hold an audience by generating conflict. For a while, I thought that was the goal here too but it appears that anger and conflict is being created on this site to cause genuine harm and pain. Its hard for me to believe that this is being done on purpose so I have concluded I simply do not understand some hidden element of your collective social interaction.

On the other hand, if its being done for no reason, I would understand a little better how people in this time could accomplish so much and yet be so vulnerable to their emotions and fears. I think it was Thomas Jefferson who believed that the only way to sway opinion was through calm, respectful, intelligent conversation.

Weather I’m a time traveler or not, I suppose there are numerous ways to view my “story”. By the nature of the communication medium, I believe it’s impossible to prove therefore it’s impossible to believe. I agree that conversation spurs ideas. If I’m not a time a time traveler, than perhaps the seemingly disjointed statements I make will actually create the idea in one of you that leads to “real” time travel.

What is a WORLDLINE?

Individual worldlines represent the limits and paths physical objects take through space-time under the laws of special relativity. They can be shown graphically on an x-y graph with x representing distance in space and y representing passing of time. In time travel talk, worldlines are used as a way to describe and separate the experiences of a time traveler because various laws of special relativity appear to breakdown and can’t be defined on a single worldline. (The word) Worldline has also become synonymous with “alternate universe” and / or “time-line”.

You’ve admitted to taking things back with you. Do you pay for those items?
I pay for these items with money. Personally, I believe stealing is wrong.

Couldn’t you just take what ever you wanted back with you?
There are mass limits to what can be taken back.

Are you tested mentally before becoming a time traveler? What makes a good time traveler?
Yes, there are numerous psychological tests. I was chosen based on my educational background and military service. The training lasted about two years. There is a great deal of physical training to counter the physical effects of distortion. They were also looking for drivers who had a fair amount of self-sufficiency and an ability to function under extreme isolation and confinement.

What do they look for when choosing someone for a mission?
Depending on the mission, time travelers are usually chosen for a particular mission based on their ability to gain the cooperation of someone related to the goal on the target worldline. In my case, my grandfather was directly involved with the building and programming of the 5100.

If a time traveler is bad and commits murder or goes crazy, is there anyway they can be recalled?
There is a difference of philosophy between us that should be clarified. Since I believe that all possible outcomes and events are possible, probable and certain, it is impossible to assign “goodness” or “badness” to a person or situation.

On some other worldline, I am an insane time traveler causing destruction and death while (name of forum member who confronts John on a regular basis) chases me with his band of devoted followers. However, on this one, I am not. Since both events are certain, their value is neutral.

You can only assign goodness and badness to the events and experiences you have direct control over or witness. Only actions are good and bad, not people or things. I suppose if I was a psychotic killer, I could accomplish my mission, avoid capture and still return to my worldline of origin without penalty. There would be no way for them to know what happened. However, I believe that action is wrong and I would be accountable to my God.

What exactly is “IT” since no one will know for sure until probably 2002 according to news reports?
I suppose this question is my own fault. As a time traveler, I am expected to know every winning horse and hot stock as well as the weather in all parts of the world at all times. I was genuinely interested in your opinion of how “IT” was being presented and advertised. Do you feel manipulated? Do you think it’s really a big deal? Do you like the way the news is dealing with it?

How do you know our worldline and yours will follow the same path?
This worldline and my own are almost exactly alike.

15 January 2001 13:36

Thank you for considering the problem of (my) returning home. You seem to have stumbled on an intuitive proof of some of the physics of time travel. You are correct, getting back to the worldline of origin is easier than picking an exact destination on a different worldline.

I wrote down the graphic you outlined. If y1 starts perpendicular to x1 and x2 and is rotated, where is the center of rotation? I imagined it between x1 and x2. If this is so, wouldn’t y1 end up parallel between x1 and x2 with each one being 6 inches away from y1 on either side?

Does the microsingularity that powers your time machine physically reduce the size of objects during operation?
Actually, there are 2 singularities in the unit. The gravity field is manipulated by three factors that affect it in distinct ways. Adding electric charge to the singularities increases the diameter of the inner event horizons. Adding mass to the singularities increases the area of gravitational influence around the singularities. Rotating and positioning the polar axis of the singularities affects and alters the gravity sinusoid.

The effects of the gravity produced by the unit do not have enough time to significantly alter physical objects within a reasonable distance from the outside of the sinusoid. No, things do not get smaller.

If the electron injection system alters the shape of the field, would that not force the unit to accelerate through space as well as time?
There is no relative movement in space due to three main factors. Large, kinetic energy inducing effects of the gravity field are compensated for by the interaction of the singularities. The mass of the unit and any objects inside the sinusoid do not exhibit any huge increases on the departure worldline during travel. The observed path of the traveler is obtained by changing the gravity, not by moving the vehicle. The black hole comes to you.

The question is define “time”.
To me, time has two definitions. I see time as a mathematical component of a 10 dimensional super universe. It is a variable I use to define my location and existence.

I also see time as a metaphysical compromise our senses use to define the area of collective existence God has placed us in.

When I can measure and sense time, I know I am not with God.

16 January 2001 10:43

I know you have a hidden agenda. You have not made clear your motives and are only giving us very little proof. Why are you holding back?
Rest assured there is nothing I have planned in my “hidden agenda” that will make anyone’s life any worse than it already might be.

Am I right? You do a lot of work in the background of our society? Admit it.
I plan to leave soon. There is nothing I can do here that will affect my home. My goals are based on the love I have for my family. Actually, my interest in the past is a result of going through piles of half burned books and magazines left over from a war started by people you share this planet with right now. On that note, perhaps its more interesting to consider what I won’t be doing to try and stop that war.

What are your personal beliefs? Do you believe in God, which one? Do you think the ends justify the means? Don’t you have people regulating Time Travel?
How many Gods are there? I believe in just one. What are your suggestions for regulating time? Perhaps a list of your “time rights” would be something to spark conversation on the board.

You are a cheater of life. Why can’t your worldline fend for itself? You take the solution from us and threaten to change billions of lives (here). Why don’t you care about that?
I’m just guessing that “cheater of life” is not a compliment. I can’t think of a reason why my actions would be immoral and someone else’s would not. You suggest I’m capable of changing lives. I suggest that I’m no more capable of that than you are.

I’m just not so sure you recognize your own potential. You don’t need a time machine to save or destroy people. If there was another person doing the exact same things I was but they didn’t have a time machine, would they be putting billions of lives at stake and suffer your judgment?

Is there any such thing as wrong for you?
Yes, I believe in wrong and right. I judge my actions based on God’s law. Is it wrong for me to murder? Yes it is. Is it wrong for me to teach someone how to defend themselves and they commit murder? No, I am not their keeper. Since I am leaving, I will be incapable of causing any harm. But, what damage will you do with anything I have said?

17 January 2001 11:29

In the future, sociologists spend a great of time discussing the collective mentality before the war that led to the demise of “Homo Materia”. Many of them point to an experiment that was done in the 1970’s or 1980’s. The experiment isolated various sizes of rat populations in varying cage sizes with varying food and cleaning schedules. It was discovered that no matter what, there was a certain ratio of rats to space that once overtaken by population would always lead to aggressive and destructive behavior in the rats until enough of them had died or been killed to get back under the ratio. This was true even when the rats that were given plenty of food and had their cage cleaned every day.

Besides the occasional school or office shooting and violent video game, I can’t help but think about that experiment every time I see someone stranded on the highway or walking on the side of the road carrying an empty gas can. I ask my parents why we don’t stop and help and they tell me they are afraid of being attacked and of the possible consequences of helping someone they don’t know. I would respond by pointing out that it’s our duty to help someone, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because we can never know that person’s true worth and the risk of losing then is too great.

I didn’t fully understand their stubbornness until I saw a news story about a doctor who was sued for applying emergency first aid to an accident victim who died. I believe your society is biologically geared for self-destruction. However, I feel strongly that does not excuse me from my responsibilities as a temporary member of this community.

Although (name of poster on forum) is a bit quirky and eccentric, he does belong to us. He’s this community’s quirky and eccentric guy and although he can be aggravating, I can’t help but feel protective of him. As I’m sure most of us believe, under all of his postings, he has some interesting things to say. When I first read one of his postings, I first shook my head and then I began to question my own understanding of not only the English language but of the real meaning of the odd things he brings up. If it’s done on purpose, it’s quite effective.

everett wheeler

a complete breakdown of a national, regional or territorial economy

gravity distortion

of or from outside the earth or its atmosphere

divergence confidence #

intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest


of or from outside the earth or its atmosphere

kerr black

intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest

26 January 2001 15:11

After trying to post a couple of times and seeing the number of postings increase but not the pages, I assume it is limited to 11 pages. Any thoughts?

26 January 2001 18:46

Greetings everyone. I’ve been away for a while so I apologize for not getting back to these questions sooner. Since (personal name from forum) brought up a few things I had addressed in the mysterious mail that never made it to the board, I will post it here. The others are responses from other questions.

Why are you so interested in the Constitution?
After the war, the United States had split into five separate regions based on the various factors and military objectives they each had. There was a great deal of anger directed toward the Federal government and a revival of states rights was becoming paramount. However, in their attempt to create an economic form of government, the political and military leaders at the time decided to hold one last Constitutional Congress in order to present a psychological cohesion from the old system.

During this Congress, the leaders discovered and decided that coming up with a new and better form of government was nearly impossible. The original Constitution itself was not the problem it was the ignorance of the people that lived under it.

Don’t you like your “new” Constitution?
From my viewpoint, it’s very effective. I am a very strong believer in local or state’s rights.

When are you leaving to go home?
There are certain windows I must wait for in order to leave. There will be two this year. The first one opens this spring.

Is it possible for you to return to this time line once you leave?
Not with the machine I have now.

If we all had time machines, would we end up destroying the rest of the local worldlines?
Since everything is already happening and possible on different worldlines, the answer is yes, and no.

You appear to be a Libertarian who stresses the need for mankind to get back to basics. You also seem to be a gun rights activist.
I suppose from your vantage point that’s a fair assessment. I would call myself more of a centrist. Although I understand the “gun rights” issue here, I cannot relate to it all and it is a common point of argument with my mother.

I keep saying her tune will change in about ten years and she’ll be cleaning shotguns in her sleep but it doesn’t help. If it makes you feel any better, I never shot anyone who wasn’t trying to kill me.

Since we’re not as smart as you, can you help us solve the technical problems of time travel?

When you say “us”, what do you mean? Do you mean “you”? Where would you go if you had my machine? How do you think the rest of the world would react to the U.S. having a time machine and they didn’t?

You stated you went back in time from 2036 to 1975 with a near 2 percent divergence. You also said that a zero divergence is a myth or technologically improbable.

Yes, a “ZD” is thought to be impossible. However, consider that an exact entry point “may” not be necessary to get home. The important factor is the path, not the destination. Under multiple world theory, there are an infinite number of “homes” that I could return to that don’t have me there. The divergence for that window is somewhere near .0002377%.

Please correct me if I don’t understand. Are parallel universes created by events in our own worldline?

Parallel universes exist independently of each other and only interact to avoid the collapse of the wave function for any given particle or event that you are looking at.

I like to imagine it as a series of parallel lines crossed by a wavy wave. Each point on the wavy line where a straight line crosses it represents an alternate outcome. The multiple “yous” on each worldline record a different result for the activity of the particle.

Multiple World theory and parallel universes have never been proven. It only exists as a way to explain various findings in quantum mechanics. Just because people talk about it doesn’t mean it’s real.
I agree with you that an explanation doesn’t make it so. However you can build a model to describe physical behavior. Even if the model is not complete, its “truth” can be measured by how well it predicts the behavior it describes.

Where did multiverse come from as a theory? Where is the evidence of its existence?
I believe the closest non-related evidence for multiple universes right now comes from the physics (derived from special relativity) of rotating (Kerr) black holes. If you examine a typical Penrose map, science agrees that you can travel to “other universes” through these cosmic oddities. They can’t be different places in your own universe (worldline) because you would have to violate the speed of light limit to get there.

Since the existence of multiple universes is a reality from my viewpoint, please allow me to disclose an idea we toss around a bit in 2036. Since all possibilities, outcomes and events are occurring and exist simultaneously; it would mean there are multiple universes out there where “you” are living a day behind and a day ahead of the “you” on this universe.

There are some who believe that memory is some sort of information transfer or communication with the “yous” in the past, across worldlines or universes. Although this is seemingly quite ridiculous, if you think that could be true, than physics tells us that the same information transfer from our future selves on other worldlines is not only possible but certain. Could it be that fantasy or “what if” scenarios are actually future memory from an alternate “us” on a future worldline?

According to physics, there is no reason why this cannot be true.

26 January 2001 18:51

I now see it plainly states the topics are limited to 11 pages. I guess this only proves I’m not the brightest singularity in multidimensional space-time.

26 January 2001 21:21

Your mission to go back in time seems rather pointless since you stated earlier there is no way to get back to your exact starting point.

The reality of infinite possibilities is rather difficult to get a grip on and if it were not for the math, I would delegate it to the realm of religion. I like to think of it as standing in a room with mirrors on all the walls. I can look to my right and left and see many “mes” all doing exactly the same thing. If we all took a step to our right and passed through a dimensional doorway to the next mirrored room, it would be very difficult to tell if anything had changed. In that sense, there are an infinite number of worldlines waiting for me to return with the computer. If I can get to one of them, I have completed my mission.

It would seem then that another time traveler that looks like you could arrive on your worldline of origin with another IBM computer and no one would know the difference.

Bingo!! Seems like something they would do a lot of psychological testing for before they sent us off.

26 January 2001 21:28

Where does it say it is limited to 11 pages?
I was just trying to be clever. However, I am still unable to see any postings past 412. Can everyone else see them?

01-27-2001 12:45 PM

Greetings. I am a time traveler from the year 2036. I am on my way home after getting an IBM 5100 computer system from the year 1975.

My “time” machine is a stationary mass, temporal displacement unit manufactured by General Electric. The unit is powered by two, top-spin, dual-positive singularities that produce a standard, off-set Tipler sinusoid.

I will be happy to post pictures of the unit.
I have been communicating online with others who are interested in time travel.

28 January 2001 09:45

And you never showed us a picture of your uniform.
Actually, there are numerous places I have posted pictures. I believe the links are still on the board.

Why haven’t you commented on not caring about your original worldline?
I’m not sure what you’re asking. I think those statements speak for themselves and your interpretation of them may be, unique.

One of the reasons I like this board so much is that the questions are more thought out, the people seem to be a bit smarter than normal and I’m not continually bombarded with questions about stock tips. I will admit that on a conceptual level, you are picking it up much faster than I did.

If you leave your worldline, some of your friends and family members will never see you again. That seems like a very immoral thing to do.
I’m not sure why you think it would be immoral. Don’t soldiers today go on duties they may not return from?

It depends on how you define what the real “me” is. If you consider the mirror example again, as all of the “mes” step one room to the right, the family and friends in that room (and the time traveler for that matter) would not be able to tell the difference.

The probability of us noticing a difference is based on the divergence of the trip. If all events and outcomes are certain, there are worldlines where I do return for every worldline I don’t return to. All the “moral” events would then balance out to zero. Again, it’s hard to judge good and bad outcomes, only good and bad decisions.

What’s the point of fixing something in one worldline if there’s an infinite number of worldlines where a problem doesn’t exist?
Our actions and decisions are based on the knowledge we have in our own worldline. Yes, the bell shaped curve is a useful tool but if we are capable of change for the better than we feel we should at least try.

Even if “I” don’t return to my exact worldline, a similar “me” probably will. Besides, I just look at it as helping a worldline where their time traveling me didn’t show up but I did.

Earlier you said the people on your worldline would only experience your being away for a split second. How can this be true if you’ll never return to that worldline?
Again, I refer to the mirror example.

It seems impossible that another you would return to the worldline you originally came from.
I’m not sure I said another time traveler “will” return, I think I said they “could” return. The location/gravity “map” I have of my path getting here could be duplicated with a fairly high degree of accuracy. It’s just that my machine was not designed to do that.

I think it’s a mistake to rely on the concept of the impossible when dealing with the reality of multiple worlds. Keep in mind there are an infinite number of “yous” on infinite worldlines having completely different experiences with “me”.

You stated that returning to your worldline of origin is thought to be impossible.
My “exact” ZD worldline that is.

01-28-2001 06:35 AM

My initial flight was from 2036 to 1975 (61 yrs). I then went from 1975 to 2000 (25 yrs.) Later this year, one of two favorable windows will open and I will return to my 2036 (35 yrs.) I am here now for personal reasons. The web page is not mine. I have been speaking online for about three months and the page is a collection of the various documents and pictures I have sent to other individuals.

Also, I realize there is no way for anyone to believe me with absolute certainty so I hope I’m at least entertaining. You may be interested to know that even in 2036, there are a large number of people who don’t believe in time travel. Are you sure the world is round?

In 2036, community life is a bit different. People are valued and judged based on their contribution and worth. Work is organized around the family and the value of that work is assessed inside of the community. Most communities range in size from 1000 to 4000 people. If a family wanted to move from one community to another or if a son or daughter wanted to move to another community, they must apply and be interviewed by the community leadership council. During this process, the family or individual is evaluated as to whether or not the work or skill they have is required or necessary to that individual community. Once accepted, the family or individual is expected to uphold their end of the work and support the community. If they don’t, the community stops supporting them and they are forced to change their attitude or move away from the community.

Please keep in mind the web site is not mine and I apologize for the poor quality of the files. The photo you saw was taken by me with a Polaroid camera manufactured here. The other documents were duplicated by placing a book onto a copy machine at a packaging and shipping store and then scanning and saving them.

As for the printing technology in 2036, you may be surprised at how many people use typewriters however I agree the documents were probably not created that way.

I too am very anxious to hear your thoughts and questions on time travel / gravity displacement and any comments on the Everett Wheeler Graham model.

Although the documents posted were printed from a computer printer, is it really that hard to believe that manual typing is just a bit more common in thirty years? After the war, many things like manual printing machines, bicycles, sailboats and hand tools were valued a great deal. I have noticed more people in California are installing wood burning stoves.

I realize my claims are a bit ridiculous but my intent is not really to be believed. However, if I had an opportunity to talk to a time traveler, I might ask questions like: How exactly does the singularity sensor measure the expansion of the inner event horizon or why does the reality of multiple worlds support the religious dogma that there are no good or bad people just good and bad decisions or what were the political motivations that changed the U.S. Constitution?
In my experience, when it becomes necessary to convince someone what I do for a living the only way to do that is to be related to them. Everything else is immediately written off as a parlor trick, even if they’re standing in front of a cooling distortion unit and I show them a dollar bill with the year 2029 on it.

In the last few months, I have had numerous extended conversations online and there are quite a few things I’ve said which can easily be checked out but haven’t. I get no pleasure out of being right when it comes to CJD disease, war in the Middle East or suffering people in far away lands. There’s nothing like the look on someone’s face when you tell them 100,000 people will be dead tomorrow. In my travels, I have discovered that most people really don’t want to know about the future because if its different than what they want it ticks them off. Actually, I don’t blame them.

The means by which I travel in time is very physical. I require a “machine” to do it. It weighs about 500 pounds and gets quite hot. I do not own it and I did not build it. Within limits, I will be happy to discuss how it works and how “future” science thinks time works. No we have not completed string theory yet but (N-10) seems to work pretty well.

As far as the future goes, your worldline is about 2.5% different than mine. This is a roughly cumulative measurement based on my arrival in 1975. As far as I can tell right now, you are headed toward the same events I would call “my history” in 2036. However, the very nature of time travel states that every worldline is unique and you are very much in control of what you do and how you get there. Heck, the fact that I’m here makes it different from mine.

I have nothing to sell, and there is nothing I want anyone to do. For all other time travelers out there, I have no tests for you and I would enjoy discussing your feelings and experiences after the war. To everyone else, while I’m here, I am very interested in your philosophy, religious outlooks and speculations on technology.

29 January 2001 12:25

Are the Olympics still being played in the future?
As a result of the many conflicts, no, there were no official Olympics after 2004. However, it appears they may be revived in 2040.

Why wouldn’t it be possible to use that recording to go back to your original starting point without any divergence at all?
Perhaps it’s better to say it’s so highly improbable as to be considered impossible. A good example is the concept of trying to get closer to something by cutting the distance in half for every step you take. Since the computer is basically making calculations from an imperfect model of reality, there are no absolutes. I also believe there is a theory that states you would have to violate the speed of light limit to have a perfect ZD.

Why are there only two windows of opportunity for you to go back? Does this have anything to do with the weather?
The weather isn’t a factor as much as gravitational tidal forces are at the point of arrival.

I disapprove of war because I think it’s immoral. What do you think?
I disapprove of murder. Man as a species is incapable of changing his nature through will alone and war is a tool of biology. The ability for war sleeps in each one of us and we must decide what we will do before the beast awakens. As for morality, again I point to the “universal” balance of good and evil. For every worldline where there is peace, there is a worldline that has destroyed itself.

What’s the use of bringing back the computer to a slightly different worldline since you know there are just as many worldlines in which no-one returns to bring back computer?
The decisions and actions we take as individuals can only help those who we have direct interaction with. I believe it is wrong to be capable of helping and do nothing. My struggle is in the irony that if everyone just “did nothing”, on every worldline, there would be no action and thus no immorality or evil (no good either).

I’m very interested in your comments on the greed of humanity. You’re unique perspective of humanity at this point (2001 and 2036) is valuable.
Please feel free to ask anything you like.

Can you record a voice message for us before you leave?
Yes. I am considering trying to videotape my departure and having my parents post it after I leave. That should keep you all busy for a while.

What sort of future do you imagine after 2036? Will we colonize the solar system?
Keep in mind that not all humans were destroyed but we were all affected. There is an effort going into colonizing space because it is believed that the problems of overpopulation were a large cause of the war. Personally, my generation sees itself as having a duty to try and repair the mess our fathers handed to us. When we were young, most of us had a small taste of the world you live in now and our only dream is to clean it up and give it back to those still able to have children.

Sometimes I imagine what it would be like to approach the Wright Brothers in 1910, before their first flight, and make the suggestion that in a mere thirty years, man would be on the brink of flying through the air at the speed of sound.

What tools would I be able to show them that would convince them? Would a picture of a jet airplane do it? Would complicated math and physics equations do it? Would it take a ride? Perhaps there will be a way to share the photos again but I don’t expect it would convince anyone. I would only hope they would spark conversation and make the reality of time travel a little more personal.

Although I have no personal experience with non-mechanical time travel, I cannot discount it. Physics has a way of making the impossible a reality.

I’m not here to study anyone. My objective was in 1975 and the reason I’m here now is my family. I find my preconceptions of what I would encounter interesting. Being exposed to a society through its art, music and advertising is one thing and experiencing it is another.

I’m not sure the physics of time travel is really that hard to grasp. Most of the working theory has been around on a large scale since 1970 and the technical breakthroughs are happening on your worldline right now.

Technology is not gone in 2036 nor is it the private domain of “government” leaders. Computer printers just didn’t work very well on 12 volts and many people just got used to doing things the old way. After the war, the main problem was distribution. Can anyone tell me how many companies in the United States still manufacture bicycle tires today? Anyone who still has a bike in 2008 will find out.

I’m not aware of any predictions I made or perhaps we do not agree on the definition. What anyone chooses to do based on something I might say will not affect me in the least. My goal is not to believed and I submit that your life would not be any better (and perhaps worse) if you did believe me. You placed “tests” before me that I must pass. Why? What do I have to gain by passing them?

The fact is there is nothing I can say or show you or let you drop hydrochloric acid on that will “make” you believe me and I really don’t want that. It would be nice to discuss your view on religion, politics, physics and the mechanical requirements of time travel but in order to engage in those types of conversations, I must apparently tell you who wins the hockey game next week. I’m just guessing that if were to write out the ten lines for Fermat’s final proof you wouldn’t be very impressed either.

(1) Industrialized mass production does not produce the uncountable tonnage of useless consumer items so gleefully absorbed by your society. I would estimate there are about 10 units like mine (C204) and twenty larger units (C206). The main difference is the sensitivity and number of the main Cesium clocks. I would estimate that some sort of public time travel will be common around 2045.

(2) I’m not aware of any other time traveler’s “here” now. But if they are here, I’m sure they’re pouring over sports history books so they can go back in time another week and start a friendly conversation on the web.

(3) The “Mad Cow” story here is yet to begin but don’t worry, the fruited gelatin deserts are safe.

(4) I’m glad to see it’s so easy for to dismiss the Middle East. Yes, I suppose it is a no brainer but pretty soon it will be a “no arrmer” and a “no legger”.
Ethics is an excellent topic of discussion and I hope we can move past a collective insistence of applying everything to this frame of reference.

The distortion unit reaches its target destination by using very sensitive gravity sensors and atomic clocks. The basic unit of calculation is the second. So yes, in a sense you do “dial in” in a date and the computer system controls the distortion field. At maximum power, the unit I have is capable of traveling about 10 years an hour.

Unfortunately, time travel is not an exact science. There is inherent error and chaos in the computers ability to make accurate calculations. Based on the current technology of the clocks and sensors, distortion units are only accurate to about 60 years or so. So no, in 2036, we are unable to travel back 1000 years due to the error rate in the system. The divergence between the worldline of origin and the target worldline would be too great. If one were to try and travel back that far, history would look nothing like what you would expect.

The unit has mass limits but the 204 is capable of transporting about three people and equipment. I don’t think you would like 2036 very much.

The 5100 had a very simple and unique feature that IBM did not account for and decided it was not in their best interest to advertise (which in hindsight was not very smart). This accidental feature was thus removed from any future desktop computers. In order to take advantage of this feature, the 5100 I have now required a couple of special “tweaks” that had to be done by one of the software engineers in 1975. Anyone who is familiar with this feature and was told to keep their mouth shut about it will be able to tell you what it is.

Yes we still have toilet tissue and some people still suffer from extreme anal fixation.

I have noticed and gotten used to the act of verbal conflict as a cathartic entertainment. I don’t totally understand it but I take no offense by it either. Perhaps we could just arm wrestle some day and still be able to have a pleasant conversation.

The year 2008 was a general date by which time everyone will realize the world they thought they were living in was over. The civil war in the United States will start in 2004. I would describe it as having a Waco type event every month that steadily gets worse. The conflict will consume everyone in the US by 2012 and end in 2015 with a very short WWIII.

The source of power for the C204 that allows it to distort and manipulate gravity comes from two microsingularities that were created, captured and cleaned at a much larger and “circular” facility. The dual event horizons of each one and their mass is manipulated by injecting electrons onto the surface of their respective ergospheres. The electricity comes from batteries. The breakthrough that will allow for this technology will occur within a year or so when CERN brings their larger facility online.

Perhaps it would have been clearer to state that the math has been around since 1970. I would urge you to examine the properties of Kerr black holes and Tipler cylinders. An actual working prototype was first tested in 2034. On my worldline, time travel is not a public recreation but we are all aware that it exists. You may be disappointed to know that the ability to manipulate gravity is not the technical challenge that had to be overcome.

Miniaturizing the clocks and sensors, creating clever ways to vent x-rays and creating a computer system dependable enough to calculate the changes required to the field were the main challenges. There are no missing pieces, just missing energy levels and a few very interesting subatomic particles.

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