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titor chats february 2001 (continued)

the john titor chats


a complete breakdown of a national, regional or territorial economy


of or from outside the earth or its atmosphere


intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest

ibm 5100

of or from outside the earth or its atmosphere

atomic clock

intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest

11 February 2001 18:43

Greetings everyone! I’ve missed you all too. As I’m sure (name from forum) can tell you, my email system is made up of quite a few addresses, locations and computers. Some of them work better than others and for a period of time, I have been unable (in my own way) to get to this site.

It appears I’ve come back at just the right moment. I see you’re all asking yourselves questions about who I really am, what I want and why I’m here. Frankly, I really can’t blame you but perhaps it’s a bit easier now to understand why I not only didn’t expect you to believe me and I didn’t want you to. As far as my credibility, I thought we had reached some sort of happy medium and we could call each other friend.

I see however that may not be the case and I must admit I’m a bit disappointed. It seems that unless I follow your expectations of what a time traveler should be doing, thinking or feeling than I must be a fraud. Or is it just safer to keep telling yourself that?

I think it was a terrible idea for John to have told us anything about his story.
Where was this sentiment and concern for my safety as I was telling my “story”?

John was always telling us he has nothing to prove. Why come to a time travel forum and talk at all then?
Is it really that hard to believe that plain old human interaction has it’s own merits?

Although John is creative, his declarations on quantum theories have already been proven to be wrong.
Which quantum theories are you talking about? Please forgive me but if I missed a question or if there was something else to go into I would have been happy to do so.

02-12-2001 08:54 PM

Why would a time traveler reveal himself? In John’s mission, these actions have no purpose.
I still fail to see why this is a problem. If you can think of another way where I can interact with people I would very much like to hear your suggestions. Why isn’t the mere act of speaking with other people an end in itself? Personally, I find the unit interesting and I like talking about it. There must be something in your life like that.

John talks about a civil war being started between the Democrats and Republicans. Later, this escalates into WW3 and he mentions that it is a good thing for us.
I don’t believe I ever said the war was between Democrats and Republicans. If I am incorrect, please point that out. It doesn’t exactly escalate as much as it opens the door for other aggression. Yes, I think the war would be good for society and I would be happy to debate that with you.

John tells us to buy a gun, find 5 friends, and get a bicycle. This conflicts with his comments about killing us all off.
If you could point out how this violates the three guidelines I stated earlier, I would give it considerable thought. Perhaps you are correct and that was a mistake. Again, I don’t believe I said I want to kill you. Personally, I think murder is wrong. You seem to be pretty good at that yourself.

John mentions that he has no idea what GINGER is but he mentions media hype and alludes to IT not amounting to much.
Again, I don’t believe I said that either. My point in that conversation was about feeling manipulated by hype. Since they ARE asking you to buy something, I would be very interested in your lengthy and critical postings about ITS credibility. If you could post that link I would very much like to see it.

John mentions the war was between the cities of America, Russia, China, etc.
Hmm, are you familiar with the Russian partisan movement in WWII?

John says the civil war leads to the world war in 2015. The civil war lasts for ten years?
It’s 2004. I apologize for a missed key (very observant – we all need good critics). Perhaps our definition of war is different. I would define it as a conflict where organized groups engage in maneuver and armed conflict. The first U.S. civil war lasted 4 years and the English civil war lasted 6. How long is too long?

John says the mechanical typewriter is a major machine again in the future and the Internet still exists and is widely used.
Actually, what I said was, “.you may be surprised at how many people use typewriters.” I don’t understand the conflict. What’s wrong with typewriters? At least you don’t have to plug them in.
Thanks for the patience. I’m getting to the other questions.

02-12-2001 11:51 PM

Have you ever been on any other time traveling missions?
Yes, but they were all training missions. There is a great deal of psychological profiling and testing and one of the training missions involved choosing a time in your life (within two years) where you wish you would have done something different and then going back to convince yourself to do it.

The idea is to become familiar with the possibility of meeting yourself, which can be rather difficult. It is quite odd to look at “yourself” and have a conversation. Since any “you” on another worldline would not be a mirror image, you get a slightly distorted feeling while seeing yourself, let alone the concept of speaking to yourself

Could you post a link to the images of your time machine?
I would be happy to do that.

If you have any pictures of the computer you were supposed to get?
I’m pretty sure there must be something on the web now about the IBM 5100.

I looked up the name ‘Titor’ and couldn’t find any. Is your family not listed in the phone book?
I guess it depends when you look.

Can I contact you through any other means?
I’ve tried talking online before and found it quite enjoyable but I find the questions and comments come so rapidly it’s hard to keep up.

What is the exact date that the war starts? If you can’t remember, can you tell us the month?
I remember the exact date. When it comes, it will not be a surprise.

What is the speed of the average computer in the future?
GHz is not a useful measurement. Computers are no longer measured by their speed as much as the number of variables (not calculations) they can handle per second.

Can you time travel whenever you want? How much does it cost? Can you make stops along the way back to 2036?
No, the unit doesn’t belong to me. I can’t make stops on the way home as it will throw the gravity measurements off and it would force me to backtrack. Also, I can’t just leave and arrive at any place and time I want to. There are physical and technical limits to when and where I can go.

Have you ever been in your own future?
No, I haven’t been to the future of my 2036. My profile qualified me for a trip to the past.


“I understand your position and appreciate your supportive outlook. However, I have given some very detailed information that could be checked out. Please consider that our frame of reference is quite different and finding subjects to discuss and exchange information about could be a challenge. I’m just not up on music, Hollywood and sports in the year 2001. You could ask me all you want about 1975 but I suspect that’s not very impressive.”


“Actually it does, I have never personally experienced this time as an adult and (name of popular singing star) was not a big topic of conversation when you’re hiking through the swamp. Everything I know about your time is from books, magazines and old videotapes that weren’t destroyed in the war. If it makes you feel any better, I do struggle with not talking about football.”


“The animal Kingdom is alive and well. I’m sure it suffered but there fewer people infringing on animal’s habitats now. Nuclear war is a very undesirable thing but it is not the end of the world. There are areas and cities we can’t enter and the environment did suffer a great deal of damage but we are recovering. Isn’t Hiroshima a thriving city today? The major physical affects include skin cancer, infertility, infection, etc. Almost everyone has some sort of physical remnant from the war.”


“I am aware the concept of the Rapture is related to Christian Prophecy but I am not familiar with the details. Yes, there are people I trust here and I would hate for any harassment or harm to come to them. I am aware of the Mayan Colander but in 2012, it was not something I was able to think about. When the time comes, I’m sure people will find the signs they are looking for that leads them to the end of time.”


“When I say fear will keep you alive I am talking about the natural instincts and premonitions that we all turn off when it’s convenient. The same person who has five dead bolt locks on their door will think nothing about getting into a parking garage elevator with a total stranger. I think the fear of God is the fear of separation from God.”


“Some of you may wonder what a time traveler does with his day while he’s posting on the web. I spend a great deal of time downloading information and storing it for my return. (Popular radio show host name) site is definitely on that list. I’ll have to think about who the most remembered people are. Again, my viewpoint is quite skewed.”


Who is the major super power in 2036?
It depends on how you define power. If you mean military, the world has developed into an odd balance. There are plenty of nuclear weapons left but if anyone uses them they, will be instantly erased from the planet by everyone else, regardless of the politics. We are very tired of war.

Are the two political parties still Republicans and Democrats?
There are no Republicans or Democrats to speak of. There are now over 10 major political parties.

How many States are there?
The states, as you know them, still exist but their political power has been combined with other states around them. There are now 5 major geopolitical areas in the United States.

Which states are the worst to live in?
When you can’t drink the water it’s bad everywhere.

Were only cities along the Eastern US hit in the Nuclear War, or all over the country?
Cities and large military areas in the entire country.

Do companies like (popular software and Internet names) still exist?

Does money look different than it does now?
No, money is pretty much the same. Unfortunately, I do not have any money with me because I wouldn’t be able to use it here.

When you time travel you can never actually go back to the exact place you left from?
That is correct. In physical terms, I can never get back to the exact worldline I left from.

Was a lot of the US 18-24 age group killed in the war because of a draft?

Do you ever get time travelers from later time periods in 2036?
Not that I’m aware of but I can’t say it isn’t happening.

Are there any other companies that send out time travelers?
I work for the military. GE just makes the unit.

Does the government know there that time travel going on?
In 2036, yes.

Why were you selected to be a time traveler?
I am related to a key figure in the development of the IBM 5100.

How many time travelers are there on your team? How do they choose new ones?
My unit has between 6 and 10. When I left, there were 7 others. Military service, physical fitness, history or technical background and special relationship to target contacts get you in the door.

Which countries are on our side in the war?
Don’t have much to add there.

Which country gets the worst in the war?
Again, the entire world is affected. Even if you don’t take a direct hit, dying crops and no water can ruin your day.

Why can’t you answer questions about natural disasters? No one can change something now that would cause an earthquake or stop one.
I will not share information that would allow someone to avoid death by probability.

I think you’re avoiding questions like that. It just supports the fact that you are not who you say you are.
Again, what I think is important doesn’t impress anyone and although I could point to various things I’ve said about other subjects the response is usually ho-hum tell us about music and sports. I suppose I could lie and make something up but what’s the point?

You should have at least a basic understanding of physics.
I do but your questions were rather specific. I would love to talk physics and I’ll be happy to walk through the operation of the unit.

By exposing yourself here, you’ve very likely broken several time travel regulations.
No, I haven’t.

Don’t you put yourself at risk by doing so?
Yes, that’s potentially true but what I gain offsets that. Does that statement answer the question of why time travelers do not revel themselves?

You should know a lot more about the machines you’re operating.
I do know very much about it. I’m just not willing to share it with everyone.

There are inconsistent in several aspects of your posts.
If you could point out the specific questions I will be happy to address them.

Is the (car company) truck better than the (car company) truck for time travel?
The vehicle must have a strong suspension.

How did you buy your truck? How could you title it if you are only 3 years old at this point? How did you pay for it?
Don’t worry. Fortunately, these are things we’re taught at time travel school in “how to get around in the sarcastic 20th century”. I said I didn’t have any money from 2036. I have plenty from here.

Does the truck have to be running when you are traveling through time?
The vehicle must be standing still.

02-13-2001 10:51 AM

I just have one question. Do you recognize the name (name from forum)? I want to know because I fully intend to be a prominent figure within the next 20 years.

No, I can’t say that I do. However, since I’m archiving all of this and will submit it with my report, it will eventually end up on our Internet.

If you want to leave a message to yourself in the future, please feel free to do so. I would make it broad enough so your name or some other important word will pop up in routine search engine that “you” might be using in 2036.

Also, be aware that the “you” in my 2036 will be unaware that the “you” here left a message at all.

02-13-2001 11:23 AM

My whole reason for asking the unimportant questions is because they are unimportant.
If it’s unimportant to you why would it be important to me?

02-13-2001 01:51 PM

John has been unable to explain time travel. I will explain it here.
I could be wrong but I don’t recall being asked to “explain time travel”. If you could point that out to me in the posts I would appreciate it.

So it’s ritualized combat on the battlefield of differential geometry. It’s a shame we couldn’t have more constructive dialogue on the subject. Of course, I’ve left my physics book in the time machine so unless you snuck in a hidden landmine, I found your opening move very straightforward. However, you’re too confident I won’t be able to offer an explanation that I’m sure other physics fans will appreciate. I wonder if Einstein and Grossmann did it this way or maybe they just listened to each other and tried to build on what they thought would work. Oh well.

Debunk my calculations on time travel. You can’t, because you are a fraud!
When I look up debunk, I see: “To expose or ridicule the falseness, sham or exaggerated claims.” The reason I cannot debunk your calculations is because they are true. They are not false, based on speculative facts or exaggerated. They are just incomplete. What you really want me to do is finish your explanation or I will be an imposter.

There are, however, certain quantities that do remain constant. These constants are related to four-dimensional quantities known as metric tensors.

Actually, I don’t think that’s correct. Minkowski space-time (4-D) will not allow you to use Pythagoras’ theorem to describe tensors because time needs to be expressed with the opposite sign. (please excuse my change of variable case).

ds^2 = -c^2dt^2 + dx^2 + dy^2 + dz^2

(where ds describes time-like and space-like trips).

The tensor we should be discussing is:

ds^2 = -a^2dt^2 + w^2(df – wdt)^2 + (r^2/ D)dr^2 + r^2dq^2

I hope I got the symbols right but you should be able to recognize this…right? nuts… the a, f, r, Delta and q didn’t make the translation in this font.

The US government has its hands in everything from biological tests to secret planes that can fly out of Earth’s atmosphere.

Care to share with me how you solved the overheating problem on your space plane?
I will get to and review the questions I missed. I apologize if my answers seemed flippant. There are many posts I want to respond to and I am unable to pay as much attention as I would like.

02-13-2001 11:32 PM

As for John Titor’s corrections on space-time manipulation, he has completed it correctly. However, he is still an imposter.
Apparently, I have made the leap from “fraud” to imposter. At least that’s a start and I respect my opponent on his polite yet quiet concession on the other thread. I wish to emphasize a point I tired to make earlier. Even though I answered the question correctly, it doesn’t really prove one way or another if I’m a time traveler and you should not think otherwise. I might just be really quick at looking up things up on the web.

I suppose we could debate whether or not I’m a fraud all the way up to the point I leave your worldline.

14 February 2001 02:55

Actually, it’s sort of a good feeling knowing you’re out there keeping me honest.

I don’t believe I ever said the war was between Democrats and Republicans. If I am incorrect, please point that out. It doesn’t exactly escalate as much as it opens the door for other aggression. Yes, I think the war would be good for society and I would be happy to debate that with you.

02-14-2001 07:25 AM

My Motive:

I’ve been in your time a bit longer than I had expected. My next opportunity to go home comes in the spring. For most of my adult life, I have read about, wondered and debated about this time. I value this opportunity to share experiences. If you absolutely believed I was a time traveler, with no skepticism whatsoever, then we would be unable to communicate. The focus of our attention would then always be on the machine. The experiences, opinions and reasons you do things are just as valid as mine and just as different.

I hope to return home with a better understanding of why you think and believe the way you do. Although I do understand the reasons for asking, I won’t gain from any communication with you by spouting physics formulas and pop culture predictions. Please do not assume I am purposely avoiding questions. I am human, I get tired, and I forget things. Please, just remind me if I missed a question and I will get to it.

I do have one tip though. If you want me to go over your post in detail put, “Hey John, you’re a big Jerk.” at the end of the insightful and logical part, not the beginning. In fact, maybe you could just abbreviate it and put a number rating from 1-100 next to it so I know how strong you feel. Something like, HJYABJ (78). It would save space.

The Physics of Time Travel:


As pointed out earlier, acceleration will produce time dilation. This can be observed by the “twins paradox”. As one twin stays on Earth, the other twin in his accelerating spaceship experiences a slower passing of time. When he returns to Earth, he is noticeably younger than his twin who aged normally in Earth time. This type of “time travel” should have been proven already on this worldline with atomic clock experiments. With sufficient power, this type of time travel will only provide practical displacement in a future direction. This type of time travel is also isolated to a single worldline. You will not meet yourself.


As Einstein pointed out with his STR, the effects of gravity and acceleration are the same. Therefore, you will experience the same time travel effects in the twin paradox by being close to a large gravity source. In the atomic clock experiments mentioned above, the reason there was a difference in time was not because the clock in the plane was moving, it was because the clock in the well was closer to the center of the Earth. Constant speed is not acceleration.


The next step is to find a large gravity source to use in your time machine. Static black holes provide this type of power. As one twin approaches the event horizon or edge of the black hole, the other twin will watch him as he appears to slow down. He will notice his twin’s watch run slower until it stops at the event horizon. The twin moving toward the horizon will notice none of this and see his watch running just fine. Although possible, a trip into a static black hole will not take you to another worldline and it’s one-way. The force of gravity will crush you.


Fortunately, most black holes are not static. They spin. Spinning black holes are often referred to as Kerr black holes. A Kerr black hole has two interesting properties. One, they have two event horizons and two, the singularity is not a point, it looks more like a donut. These odd properties also have a pronounced affect on the black hole’s gravity. There are vectors where you can approach the singularity without being crushed by gravity.


Another other more interesting result of passing through a donut singularity is that you travel through time by passing into another universe or worldline. Please see Penrose diagrams for Kerr Black holes or you can examine the calculations of Frank Tipler.

So now the problem becomes where do we find a donut-shaped singularity?


Steven Hawking proposed the existence of microsingularities that were created in the big bang. They were probably about the size of a proton and disappeared over the years due to an effect of radiation evaporation. (Yes, black holes do emit energy.)


When I first started posting online a few months ago, I said that major breakthroughs in particle physics were around your corner. Soon, CERN will bring their big machine on line and they will be smashing very fast and high-energy particles together. One of the more odd and potentially dangerous items produced from this increase in energy will be microsingularities a fraction of the size of an electron. (


Through trial and error, and although they are quite heavy, hot and capable of putting out a great deal of energy (300 – 500 megawatts), it’s discovered that these microsingularities can be electrified and captured. It is also interesting to note at this point that electrified singularities also have two event horizons. By spinning these various microsingularities, a localized Kerr field is created.


By using two microsingularities in close proximity to each other, it is possible to create, manipulate and alter the Kerr fields to create a Tipler gravity sinusoid. This field can be adjusted, rotated and moved in order to simulate the movement of mass through a donut-shaped singularity and into an alternate worldline. Thus, safe time travel.

I will continue with the individual posts next. Thank you for your patience.

02-15-2001 12:07 PM

The following are personal rules I try to keep (unless of course they conflict with my secret agenda). I look forward to discussing any discrepancies you may find.


(1). I will not disclose any information that will cause someone to personally gain by its knowledge.

(2). I will not disclose any detailed information that would allow someone to avoid death by probability.

(3). I will not disclose any information that may compromise any future actions by individual people or threaten their family and well being.

Thank you for your persistence and patience. It would appear some of my more sarcastic comments are directed at you. They are not and I apologize.

Your future is not unchangeable? Harm may come to a person if I define them as someone who will do something in the future? However, in this case, I just don’t know. I am not familiar with pop culture in 2001.

Are you avoiding inquiries for more personal reasons? Her logic is sound and you’re avoiding discussing some of the things that people naturally find curious about other cultures.

I very much want to discuss our cultures but please help me understand how you won’t be able to change something I tell you happened on my worldline.

What kind of music is popular, what kind of recreation is enjoyable, what holidays are important?
I’m not sure if you wanted to discuss these or not. If yes, I will be happy to do that.

Do you feel some pleasure in breathing clean air and not having to check a radiation counter every few miles?
Yes I do. However there is a fear about being here that I can only define as uncertainty. When I walk around in 2001, the air smells clean but I wonder if it really is. In 2036, there is no gray. The air is either clean or it will kill you. That feeling is very overwhelming when I eat here.

Are there people in this time period who accept you as one?
I have a very few precious relationships with people online who accept me as real or crazy and don’t ask any questions. Much of my email flows through them. My parents are the only ones that have access to everything I could use to prove who I am.

How are you financing things?
I have taken very clever and reliable measures to go undetected. Yes, there are probably people like that but I am not in active conversation with them. My expenses are not that large. I spend a great deal of time now archiving.

I spotted few typing errors in John’s comments so I will assume that he has had an average education.
You must be energized and anxious to improve your education system then. Please tell me what you plan to do.

Name any near future event that makes history.
You mean other than the mad cow pandemic, the breakthroughs in high-energy physics and the unknown functions of the 5100? I realize I’ve only been on this board for a few weeks but I assume you’ve read the other postings I’ve made about these issues months ago in order to be so definitive.

If you are older than 36 then there should be 2 of you here now. You would both have the same fingerprints and DNA. If you want to prove your case then meet with your younger self and get some evidence.
I am with my younger self. I don’t have a case to prove and I wonder how many needles I would be on the receiving end for that one. With your superior education, I assume you already figured out that pretty soon someone might try that with a clone. Be careful what you take for definitive proof.

How long will you be here? When are you going back?
My first opportunity to go home is this spring.

What are you taking back with you?
A lot of hard drives filled with books, archived web sites, pictures and audio files. I’m also taking back family items that were lost in the war.

Is propane still around in the future?
Yes but not very much of it comes from natural gas. Hydrogen is converted into propane because it’s easier to handle.

I would hope the location I live in would be spared (the Hawaiian Islands).

My parents went to Hawaii on their Honeymoon. My dad told me a quick story about going to a fast food store and paying 6 or 7 dollars for a hamburger. I got an image in my head of a huge tanker filled with frozen hamburgers headed into the Pacific. Hawaii is very dependant on the mainland for food, isn’t it?

Thank you for your kind words.

Logically he could easily question people of this time and get all sorts of info without revealing himself.
Mediums like the Internet offer unique opportunities for communication. When I return, I will be debriefed on my opinions about how people in 2001 will accept time travelers.

Why would he reveal himself if he has no stated agenda for doing so?
I’m not sure I exactly said that.

Did John come here to give somebody a push to invent the Time Machine?
I find this one the most interesting. What do you think would happen if the United States, China or Russia suddenly developed a time machine and the rest of the world found out about it?

John makes a verbal maneuver that turns a question back on the one who asked it so they think he actually answered the question; which he just avoided answering. He does this all the time and I wanted to point that out before it happens again.
I am forced to admit I must rethink what I know about Mobius loops.

Does the last name (forum personal name) have any historical relevance?
You may leave a message to yourself if you wish.

What happens with Australia?
I believed I wrote about Australia a bit earlier.

What colloquial language is used in the future?
Many people use the Internet for communication and entertainment. I would say that affects our speech. We type very fast.

What exactly happens to the water?
Yes, radiation affected the water but that can always be distilled out. There are biological hazards that cannot. In addition, fresh water is hard to come by without talking to someone with a gun first.

Have you met your parents here? What do they think of you?
Yes. I am with them now. I would say it’s a combination of fear and relief.

Does time have ends?
Yes. It is believed that all worldlines end. It is also thought that parallel worldlines that appear to be the same end at different times.

John, if you were really a time traveler, you’d be dead. The Earth, the solar system and the galaxy are all moving. If you did travel back through time, you’d materialize in 1970 where the Earth will be in 2036, which is the vacuum of space.
This is an excellent point and one I thought I went over a bit earlier. There is a gravity lock system that compensates for the local gravity outside of the Tipler sinusoid. This is the reason the unit is only accurate to about 60 years.

You are inconsistent about not knowing anything about physics but you’re willing to discuss the operation of your machine. Which is it?
I suppose I am thinking about the physics and the engineering as separate subjects. I apologize for the confusion and I will be happy to answer your questions more directly.

My questions were ignored. When I asked others, they were skirted.
Perhaps we could just start over again?

You stated elsewhere that Australia repulses a Chinese invasion. Does this mean Australian government side with your enemy?
There were deep divisions in Australia also. I would associate it more with a powder keg than a civil war.

Does intercontinental transportation still exist? Have you visited other countries?
Yes, but the market is much smaller. No, I have not been overseas.

02-15-2001 05:06 PM

You have said you will not participate in helping anyone avoid ‘death by probability’. Yet many things you have said could have caused an individual to do or not do something that will now result dying, or escaping death.

It would help if you could give an example. If you are referring to the conflict and war in your future, I’m not sure I’m specific enough to help any individuals avoid anything. Suggesting there is a war coming is a bit different than saying avoid Washington DC at 3:45 AM on March 12, 2015.

There is no way for you to be sure there is no future world leader reading this and believing you.
Are you sure about that? Besides, I think you can have just as much impact as any “future leader”.

I don’t believe you when you say you’re not trying to prove to us you’re a real time traveler.
I submit there is no way for me to prove anything on the Internet; therefore it makes no sense to desire it. What exactly do you think I could do to prove it to anyone? I am confused by your term “the show”. Do you feel my only goal here is to entertain?

Again, I am not unable to make you do anything nor would I want that.

I learn a great deal about your culture from the words you write (like right now). What do you think my goals are?

This thread has been all about you developing your story.
I’m not sure I understand this. How would “my story” differ it was “developed”?

I find it hard to believe that a software tweak done to a 1975 machine would be enough to justify a time travel mission.
Ah, something we have in common. Yes, I felt that way too. However, my job was to go and get it and not debate why they wanted it. I am not a computer expert.

A great deal of the computer infrastructure you depend on is based on very old systems and code. One of the reasons I was sent to 1975 was because of the person I met there, not the technology.

There are more effective ways to accomplish what you claim in this regard.
Perhaps you would share them with me. You might be right and I could make your suggestions when I return.

If indeed you support the model of time that all possibilities occur in different universes then I cannot accept you.
I’m not sure I understand what you mean. If you believe in Multiple World Theory, Hawking was not the one who first thought of that. If you do, then I must be real if all possibilities exist. As I recall, Hawking felt that it was possible to build a machine but some sort of vacuum fluctuations would destroy it right before you tried to use it.

You claim that you have no desire to prove your story yet everything you have done has flown in the face of that.
I’m not sure that’s true. In fact, I’ve tried to point out on at least two occasions that anything I do (at the request of someone else) to support my claims can be found someplace else on your worldline right now.

What is more, you will tell us no names, no locations, or any specifics as a result of your supposed ethics. If those were indeed the ethics you were committed to and reasoned with, you would not be here now.
I am curious about this also. Do you think I should not interact with you for your safety or mine?

Time travel may be possible; you would not land on Earth. You would land in a vacuum of space. You have to take into account that the Earth, the solar system and the galaxy are all moving.
Yes, this is a problem. It was solved by taking a “snapshot” of the local gravity around the unit before leaving a worldline and incorporating it into the sinusoid during travel. The short answer is, you “stick” to the earth but this is only a useful explanation to understand it and it’s not practical. Since the computer system is using a virtual reference, the calculations become flawed. Thus:

1. Based on the accuracy and timing of the “snapshots” the distortion units are limited to how long they can travel before becoming unstable.

2. We must leave and arrive in areas we have prior or future knowledge of in order to avoid massive objects (buildings, water, etc…)

3. The unit has a fail-safe system during travel that drops out in case of a unit shutdown or radical departure in gravity readings.

Answer this and I will believe you until the ends of the Earth.
Again, you should not offer this to anyone for any reason.

If John wants a way to prove anything then I am willing to look over his proofs. However, just because I were to look something over gives no more meaning to the rest of you than it would if one of you looked his stuff over, believed it then told me.

How would someone that came here with no money, all of the sudden have plenty of money?
The reason I don’t have 2036 money is because it takes up weight, space and can be faked and I can’t use it for anything. What type of expenses do you think a time traveler would have that I would need so much money for?

Simply inscribe your knowledge of any large-scale events over the next six months. Encrypt said text file. Give text file to a custodian.
The only problem is, now you have to trust the person who brings the information forward.

02-19-2001 11:03 AM

I believe that faith and good works will get one to God. I believe there is an organized force of evil that works against God’s plan for men’s souls. It’s all part of the plan.
Please don’t think me so cynical. I would never insult or degrade someone’s religious views. My next questions would be “what about knowledge?” I am a firm believer that faith (and good works) is not enough to get to God. There is a mystery we must solve first.

I vaguely remember you mentioned being religious. How would you answer your own questions?
Yes, I believe in organized evil. It would sure be easier to carry out an “evil” plan if no one beloved you existed. Just curious, can anyone tell me what “Satan” really means?

Had to answer those quickly. I have nothing but open-mindedness for religious conversation and I look forward to more. I’ll get to the other questions soon.


02-19-2001 01:14 PM

If you can take that paragraph and find a way to make a dollar from it than more power to you.

I never said you’re an idiot, I said you are aggravating. Which is not really a personal problem.
Point taken. I apologize.

You only discuss things that you care about. Seems rather one-sided to me.
I was hoping it wouldn’t be so confrontational. I don’t see how words can harm either one of us.

You must believe that we both have interesting things to say to each other. Isn’t that worth it all by itself?

What state do you live in now in 2001?
I am in Florida.

Is John Titor your real name?
Yes, John Titor is a real name.

What is your agenda?
If I tell you, it would just be an agenda, which I’m sure, is much less interesting.

Is this dialogue between people in these posts part of your agenda?
If I had a secret agenda, talking to people would not be part of it.

Does your younger self realize what you are?
Yes, he is aware that I exist but he doesn’t know who I am.

Are you married?
No but I did have a chance to convince myself otherwise.

What rank were you in the Army?
It is the equivalent of Major.

Where did you go to basic training?
I wasn’t fortunate enough to go to basic. We were fighting a war at the time.

What company were you with, and what year did you graduate?
The organization of the fighting unit I was in fell under the militia. We fought against the organized army.

Do you have any fears?
I fear people who want others to take action based on their own emotions and irrational fears.

What are the rules for interacting with people who aren’t from your time; do you make friends easily?
Have common sense and get your job done. Yes, I have friends.

What would the government do to you if they found you?
I’m sure I would end up in one of their nice little padded cells while they poked at my machine with a screwdriver. What do you think they would do?

What would you do if someone investigated you? Aren’t you worried that it’s only a matter of time before you are found?
I don’t worry about that very much. No one believes me anyway. Right?

And you said; “I very much want to discuss our cultures but please help me understand how you won’t be able to change something I tell you happened on my worldline.”
Suppose I told you the space shuttle would have a problem landing at Kennedy tomorrow because something goes wrong with the runway. If someone with the authority to do so hears that and makes the decision to land at Edwards (than) bingo, your future has changed from my past.

I appreciate you answering these questions for me John, and thank you for calling me your friend.
I’d really like to believe that.

Rest assured, if I went to the authorities and said, “I know a time traveler” I’d get laughed at. The skeptics will always over rule the “believers”.
If that were not the case, I would not be posting at all.

The US government, Russian or anyone else would be in the same boat. They would grab and hold any time travelers.
Yes, that’s what I think too. The irony is, I’m not sure the machine will really do anything for them and all I can give them is stock quotes and sports news. (Just a little humor.)

John, please don’t take my comments about being a fraud personally. I only want the honest truth.
I don’t. Truth is something we all want. Like opportunity, its something you have to be ready for to recognize it.

John, what would it take to get you to stay after spring and leave during the next opportunity?
My parents are much better at cards than I am. I fear they may not let me leave in such debt. If I had all the time I needed, I would spend much more time downloading and archiving.

I fear that another month or 2 may not be enough time as I would like.

I will continue to answer the posts as long as I can.

In your “world time” have things like “Saquatch” , “Loch Ness monster”, and other reported unusual animals?
We have our swamp monsters too. In fact, I think it’s interesting that we all respond to the unknown the same way regardless of our cultural experiences.

Is remote viewing used to gather military intelligence?
I am only aware of it from this worldline. I don’t know otherwise.

Are psychics still common?
Yes, psychics exist but I don’t have any knowledge of their use by the military.

Is there a police force as we know it? Have any of your leaders been jailed or impeached?
Yes, we have police but they are organized in smaller groups. Yes, we still have political and religious leaders who find it difficult to obey the law. I would submit to you that the law is only as good as the people’s willingness to apply it evenly and swiftly.

Will you post more pictures or pages of the manual?
Yes, I am pondering posting more of the manual. I am also considering having my departure videotaped and yes, it will be free. My only concern is how it might affect the “me” on this worldline.

Is there a Global Superpower state?

Being a superpower only makes you a target. There is an uneasy balance in the world now that everyone “probably” has nukes, chems or bios. We don’t just bomb people for the hell of it anymore. Military power is based on the number of autonomous fighting men who are actually willing to fight.

I guess you are held accountable for changes that occur in your time period.
You’re pretty much correct about your statement but actually, nothing I do here will affect my home. I hold myself accountable for any damage I do.

In my opinion, people “now” take clean water, electricity and their feeling of safety for granted. If they leave the city in search of fresh water they first have to make the realization that fresh water is a problem. It’s much easier to demand someone else owes you fresh water than it is to leave the lifestyle that made it bad in the first place.

If I were transposed to the 1920’s or 30’s, you would have a hard time keeping me off the streets.

I agree with you. The first time I walked into a “superstore” I cried. I’d never seen so much excess in one place at one time.

It is interesting that the photos posted were posted by an “anonymous time traveler”.

Those are mine. They were posted by another person who I’m sure is reading this also and would be happy to confirm that.

I see there is a hand control unit with a screen on it. I assume this is the computer interface. What does the display show you?
Yes, that is a remote unit. The unit itself gets hot and “unapproachable” during long travel and you’re usually subjected to about 2 G’s. It gets a little difficult to move around and the hand held unit sits next to you. The unit displays many things but time in transit, time to destination, VGL variance and unit temperature are the most common during travel.

Also, there are 16 buttons. I have to assume further that these are multifunction keys.
Yes, the menus are screen driven.

19 February 2001 16:01

What weapons did you use to protect yourself? Do you have a weapon now?
I used a shotgun in the war. Yes, I think it’s prudent to be prepared for anything.

What is your favorite food?
Oranges, I love them.
Your enemy was in the cities. Was the President in 2005 also on the enemy side? How did you feel personally about the President then?
The President or “leader” in 2005 I believe tried desperately to be the next Lincoln and hold the country together but many of their policies drove a larger wedge into the Bill of Rights. The President in 2009 was interested only in keeping his/her power base.

While you were in the 1970’s what did you think of Nixon?
To tell you the truth, I was more fascinated by the different standards Presidents are held to.

Do you plan to do any more time traveling when you return to 2036?
I don’t know if I will be chosen for another mission. If I do, most likely, I will fly as an advisor or historical consultant.

Do you have any doubts about this time travel experience and the computer mission that you are on?
Absolutely. I have to believe there is an easier way to do this.

What have you learned the most from the people of this board?
There is a fire of intelligence and expression out there in the people who are criticized for their open-mindedness. I fear it will only be uncovered in the rest of the population through conflict. I was under the impression that most people were sleeping in this period but I suppose that generalization is too broad for any time period.

Where did you learn the use of “Gosub” in computer programs?
Gosub / Return. In one form or another, isn’t that a pretty standard function in most computer languages?

Where did you learn to write English? How much time did it take?
I’m not so sure I write perfect English. I do read a great deal more than I see most people doing here.

Was China your enemy?
Not my enemy? I never fought any Chinese but their ability to hit Western cities with missiles made a lot of people unhappy.

Do they have (old computer games) in 2036?
I am aware they are video games but I have not come across them.

Does China have a manned space program between 2001 and 2036?
I believe they are pretty close to putting a man in orbit. It shouldn’t surprise you if they do that soon.

Do you have any problems with the number thirteen?
Not personally.

If the worldlines are changed by choices why do we still meet people that coincide with our previous worldline?
Your worldline takes form as the choices unfold. People do not disappear because you must follow the same physical laws that hold you here. (i.e. Information cannot travel faster than light on a worldline.)

In your opinion, would timelines be better represented as an inflated balloon, or a layered Rubix cube?
Balloon in balloon in balloon. A Rubix cube as in the toy, right?

Do you have television in 2036?
Information does arrive on video but cathode ray tubes are out and crystal or plasma is in. Distribution is over the net, not broadcast.

Do you have flashlights in 2036? If so, what type of batteries does it use?
Yes, we have flashlights and we use similar batteries for most things. We do recharge a great deal. Have you ever seen those wind-up radios? They’re pretty interesting I think.

How is electricity generated in 2036?
“Most” publicly generated power is through very efficient solar cells. On a local or household level, there is steam, hydro and inversion generation. There is a debate on using a singularity to generate power.

Does the sun look different in 2036?
When you can see it through the high level smoke and haze, not that I’m aware of.

What sort of clothing do you wear in 2036? Is there strong attention paid to what people wear in the group?
Clothing is much more functional. I’m not sure what group you’re talking about.

Where were you born?
I was born in Florida.

02-19-2001 07:25 PM

It took you five days to answer those questions. Is that the best you could do?
How many days seem normal?

You said you went to basic training on the other forum which is how you got involved in time travel. Be consistent.
Your question referred to army basic training. My earlier comment referred to be chosen for this mission.

You answered like a politician. You stepped around the truth without actually lying but it’s logical enough to keep your story going.
I’m not sure but it sure looks like your trying to say I’m being truthful within your expectations. However, if you’re trying to hurt my feelings, comparing me to a politician will do it.

I guess you are held accountable for changes that occur in your time period.
My only concern is how it might affect the “me” on this worldline.

Actually, this is a good question. If the “me” here goes on to have the same type of life and future work that I did, it may not look good on his resume that another “him” has left a videotape behind of his future mission to 1975.

So where do you stand? You’re not being very clear and you always give a conflicting point to other questions you’ve had to answer. Why is it always about you?
If you look at my concern carefully, you can see that it won’t affect me at all. It affects him.

John says no one believes him. Is that right? He’s in Florida and goes by the name of John Titor. Show him how much you believe him (when you find him).
I’m touched by your concern for my safety.

everett wheeler

a complete breakdown of a national, regional or territorial economy

gravity distortion

of or from outside the earth or its atmosphere

divergence confidence #

intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest


of or from outside the earth or its atmosphere

kerr black

intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest

02-20-2001 05:06 AM

John had a (50/50) chance of telling us the future.
Yes, there was a 50/50 chance of that happening but the odds were easily one out two that it could have gone the other way.

02-20-2001 09:58 PM

Perhaps it goes without saying but I would urge everyone to listen to (popular late night radio show host) show tonight.

20 February 2001 12:01

Thanks for your reply. Can you please clarify some of these points?
It’s what I live for although I can’t help but feel you’re not exactly asking these questions for their own sake.

Describe what you mean by functional. Do you wear light colors, dark colors, loose, tight fitting? What materials are used for the clothing?
Seems a bit obscure to have a discussion about. Do we wear radiation suits? No. Do we use pockets a lot, yes.

How does this smoke and haze allow for solar cells to be efficient?
Do you have any idea how efficient solar cells are today? Sometimes it’s sunny and sometimes it rains. Sometimes large dust clouds high in the atmosphere pass overhead. I don’t understand the point you want to make. The sun looks the same.

Where did you learn to write and how old were you? How did you learn to type so fast?
I was home schooled and I spend a lot of time typing.

“Gosub / Return. In one form or another, isn’t that a pretty standard function in most computer languages? No.”
I beg to differ on this point. I may not be a computer programmer but I do know that going away to perform one function and returning to the original function is basic to all software. Perhaps it may be called something else in various languages.

Did you have a historical consultant to help you?
No, fairly easy job.

What do you call these batteries?
Good and bad, same as you.

“Rubix cube a toy? Where’d you get that idea?”
I’ve seen references to them in various science papers. If I’m mistaken, what are you referring to?

2-21-2001 08:26 AM

I’ll look for it, thanks. I have a couple for you (book recommendations). The Nine Nations of North America and/or The Physics of Immortality (anyone recognize this author).

Would you be able to travel by going to the year 2001, flying a plane to a destination, then go to the future from there?

You can only travel in time from a static position (at least with the unit I have). In order to do this, you must have knowledge of the local terrain and building structures. That’s one of the basic protocols we do in any time period for possible, future travelers.

If each worldline is separate from the others, then wouldn’t the consequences of your actions now have no effect on your original worldline?

Yes, that’s correct.

If this is the case, why won’t you tell us things that will give us knowledge?

I am not qualified to judge if you deserve it or not and I have no idea if you may be the next (for lack of a better reference) Hitler. However, if I were able to physically help you from a situation because I was there and I knew it was coming, I would help you.

My only guess is that you are not a time traveler, and don’t want to make anyone do something stupid.

Yes, I am aware that is the obvious first answer but I would hope my moral and logical arguments at least make a dent in your thinking. If you were a time traveler, would you be comfortable giving out all that information after considering the possible consequences? (Provided you knew it). If I were you, I would be worried about what the next time traveler might do, even by mistake.

How can I leave a message for myself in the future if the things I do in this worldline do not affect any other?

Just post it here. All this information will probably end up on the web in 2036. If you’re alive then and you think ahead for some reason to do a search on yourself, you might see it. Of course the “you” there would have no memory of doing it.

Your prediction of (national politics) pending disintegration, beginning in three short years, is impossible.

Have you see the documentary on Waco? Just for argument’s sake, what do you think would happen if information were discovered that confirmed the worst accusations made against the law enforcement officers there? Would you hope nothing?

The idea of a farmer general leaving his fields to lead his country’s troops to victory is an old one.

Yes, I often think about that when I see pictures of “my” farmer general in Omaha. It’s a large bronze depiction holding a shotgun in one hand a copy of the Constitution in the other. He is looking up at the sky in defiance of God after his father was killed.

I guess there are only a few stories and all of them are just re-telling of the same ones in different settings.

Just like life.

If you take a look, I am answering every question in order unless I see something quick that I think needs a response.


02-21-2001 04:22 PM

How far from what size city is it the safest to be?
A 10 Kiloton nuclear weapon will vaporize metal for about ½ a mile and have a heat effect for about 3 miles. A 100 Megaton nuclear weapon will vaporize metal to 35 miles and have a heat effect to about 250 miles. I believe the largest nuclear weapon ever built and tested was about 60 megatons.

As I recall, the popular strategy toady is to strike targets with multiple numbers of smaller warheads. The 100 Kt to 1 Mt are the most popular. I believe there are about 150 – 200 major cities in the US and half as many military targets. Please correct me someone if I am grossly incorrect.

You suggest a bicycle. What about horseback?
Yes, horses are good if you can feed and water them. Also, it’s very hard to eat a bicycle.

Should we be stockpiling guns?
The answer to this is NO! You will draw a great deal of negative attention to yourself. I recommend becoming familiar with firearms. This means taking a safety course and learning to shoot and clean many different types. There will be plenty of guns around when you need them.

What kind of people will be the ones least trustworthy?
The people with the most to lose if the world changes, Camel through the eye of a needle?

Is the conflict racial?
Not at all. In fact, I would say it goes a long way toward erasing racial problems.

Does the civil war start in such a way that those willing will have time to remove themselves to safer locations?
Yes. You will be forced to ask yourself how many civil rights you will give up to feel safe.

Will you readily be able to identify the enemy?
They will be the ones arresting and holding people without due process.

Does living near a river take care of water problems?
There is an odd saying that might be appropriate here. Safe is anywhere a hungry person can’t walk in three days. Water is important but you must consider that when people need it they will know where to get it. I would not plan on planting myself permanently next to a water source. Yes, distillation dose make water safe but the runoff is highly dangerous. Please remember that distillation is not boiling.

How are the five people within the 100 miles contacted?
The goal is to have a place to go other than your house and to be able to trust someone with your life. Foster those relationships now.

Do communications stay intact during the war?
Main communication systems no, CB, sideband and non-repeating short-wave, yes.

Be mobile. Set aside the things you absolutely would need and can carry on your back. You will not be able to stay anywhere indefinitely even with provisions and firearms.

Will soldiers be asked to kill their countrymen?
I’m not positive but don’t they sign a small piece of paper now asking them if they would have a problem with that?

02-21-2001 08:20 PM

In this experiment the traveler only goes 30 seconds into the past. It seems that 30 seconds before his experiment was to begin he saw himself appear in the lab. There would now be two travelers and two time machines. It would appear that its a time loop and an infinite number of duplicates see a duplicate self appear in the lab thirty seconds prior to the start of the trip.
Yes, that’s possible.

What is the mass of the duplicate time travelers and where did the mass come from?
The other mass comes from other worldlines. I like to think of it as standing in a room with mirrors on the walls and the apparent “me” in the room next to mine steps into the room from his.

What is the result of the duplicates arriving simultaneously?
Psychological confusion and a few fist fights.

How long will it take for the loop to decay?
The chances of hitting the precise worldline where all the other duplicates are arriving is almost zero. It’s possible but increasingly less probable with each arriving duplicate. The divergence decays and the worldline is “less available” for new “yous” to arrive on.

What happens if the experimenter decides not to continue the experiment?
He can always leave the room on his own worldline or put a desk full of books in the position where the time machine is arriving every 30 seconds. That will probably trip the VGL system and stop the time machines from arriving.

Do you remember any poetry after 2001 in your past?
A Soldier’s Winter

The day before it wasn’t snowing.

The trees are strangers, leering, disapproving in the ash of winter world, my life, my wandering path.

I pray God’s eyes may once again gaze upon me and remind me that I am still His child.

I only (think) I remember the first line but the last one I remember. It has quite a few more lines that I don’t remember. It is rumored this was written first as a letter by a soldier. After he died it was added to and edited by others. In my opinion, it has become a symbol for the collective guilt my parents’ generation feels for what became of the world.

Is there a market for new books in 2036? Are most of the books available old or new?
Yes but there are no large commercial printing and distribution companies. Books and other forms of hard media are distributed on the web and printed or put on other media from local hubs.

As a rough judge of character, have you read J.R.R. Tolkien? Did you enjoy them?
My father read the Hobbit to me as a child. I was always afraid of the dark riders but perhaps I admired them too.

When I first started posting online a few months ago, I said that major breakthroughs in particle physics were around your corner. Soon, CERN will bring their big machine on line and they will be smashing very fast and high-energy particles together. One of the more odd and potentially dangerous items produced from this increase in energy will be microsingularities a fraction of the size of an electron.

02-22-2001 10:08 AM

I will get to all the questions. I’m trying to comment on them in order. I’m posting the names before all the questions so if you feel I missed something just bring it up again.

I saw something last night that I want everyone’s opinion on. Its concerning two television commercials advertising the same cellular phone product. The first commercial I didn’t understand right away but the second was obvious.

In the first commercial, a man dressed in cold weather gear appears to be in a snowstorm. He’s on a cellular phone saying goodbye to his family as if he was going to die in the storm. We then see he is standing in front of a snow machine at a ski resort area.

In the second commercial, another man dressed in cold weather gear is talking on a cellular phone. We see a young women inviting him to a romantic evening. He seems a bit stunned and excited, hangs up the phone and runs off. We then see he has abandoned an unconscious person he was giving emergency medical treatment to.

What do you think of these commercials?

02-23-2001 11:19 AM

I assume you do a lot of reading. Do you read fiction?
I am a big fan of Conrad, Twain, London and any type of religious apocryphia.

What brought you to this website?
When I decided to present or revel myself as a displacement driver I had been watching similar boards for quite a while. I believe the only way to accept what I have to say as being remotely possible requires an open mind able to temporarily suspend major portions of the belief and logic system. In his own strange way, even (forum name who consistently confronts John) falls into this category. I would much rather talk to him than a straight line, give me the equations physicist. I don’t gain any insight that way.

And here is another character question. Have you seen George Lucas’s Star Wars Trilogy?
Yes I have seen them. I like the first one the best and the “next one”, in my opinion, isn’t that great either. That’s a heck of a battery those light sabers.

What happens to Bill Clinton?
I don’t really know.

What happens to Bill Gates?
This I do know but I won’t discuss.

02-24-2001 07:05 AM

Why are orphans an issue?
Problems with the environment still have lasting affects on all people, which cause the average life span to (be) lower. In addition, people are more susceptible to accidents. Family life and children are very highly valued and the community takes the responsibility for raising children if their parents die.

What is your biggest environmental issue?
Water. You need it for everything and there is very little left in the world that is positively safe to drink.

Does distillation remove radioactivity from water?
It removes the dust and dirt particles that are radioactive.

Do people still watch TV?
Yes but it isn’t broadcast anymore.

Are there women on your travel team?
Not that I’m aware of but I would assume there are women who are either trained or are training for the same type of work. I don’t know why there wouldn’t be.

What is the status of women in 2036?
I understand the question but I have nothing to relate it to in 2036. The status of women is the same as men. Equality issues disappeared during the war.

Do women hold office?

Do women work outside the home?
Women are not expected to stay home and be “barefoot and pregnant” if that’s what you mean.

Do women get equal pay?

Are women safe on the streets at night?
There is still crime but people do not attack each other the way they do here.

What do women wear for the most part?
Clothing is more functional. Women wear very similar clothing as men when working or training. In our free time or with our family and friends, clothing is much more individualized. Long dresses, knitted sweaters and pants are still quite popular. You’ll have to forgive me; I’m not very good at describing women’s clothing.

Are the Amish alive and well?
Yes, I believe they are.

What is the birth rate?
I don’t know the exact figures but having children is radically lower than it is now. It is the one thing I wish we had that you enjoy here.

Is there an unusual rate of birth defects?
Yes. Mostly stillborn.

You said that your culture was centered around Universities. Weren’t they wiped out in the war?
Not all major universities are in large cities.

Do you use cell phones?
Yes, we use a form of cell phone.

Do people eat red meat?
Yes but not as much as you do.

Do people drive cars?
Yes but they are not produced in nearly the same numbers or used the same way.

Are airlines in operation?
Yes but again, not nearly as many.

Do airlines travel internationally?
Yes, but most people don’t get really want to go overseas.

Are people pressured into a Christian doctrine?
Not at all.

Do the police make drug busts?

Are there jails? What kind of criminals are in them?
Yes there are jails. Mostly theft, fraud, rape and murder.

What kind of public punishment is there?
Hard labor, community service, banishment (you must move to another community), public execution.

Your justice system sounds like New England during religious persecution and intolerance.
How do you define intolerance? We don’t really have the energy or desire to waste time being intolerant. If you produce and help the community than you can do pretty much think and do anything you want within the law.

Are there herbal medicines and alternative life styles?

Is there personal freedom?
Yes, the same freedoms you enjoy under the Constitution.

Is there an IRS?
Yes, we pay taxes. Sounds like you don’t enjoy keeping track of your personal income taxes. I don’t think anyone does.

Is the same type of currency used? Is ours today good in 2010 or 2020?
Yes, we use money. That’s a good question. I don’t see why you couldn’t use your current bills in the future.

Other than time travel how do most people get around the country? Do people travel much?
There is a high-speed train system, horseback, bike, walking. Automobiles are used mostly for sport and some transportation.

Are people suspicious of strangers or are all you people just one big happy family?
There is still conflict and mistrust. Yes, I am suspicious of strangers. I think that’s an instinct we are given to help us stay alive.

How do most people die during the war?
In this order: Starvation – Disease – Bullet Wounds – Radiation.

02-24-2001 04:49 PM

Its been pointed out to me that the links to the pictures are all down for some reason.
If anyone has a public site I can post them again, I will be happy to see that they get to you.

02-25-2001 01:36 AM

John, do they have anything to do with the “future” of time travel?
There are numerous people and organizations that contribute to the practical application of physical time travel. I think you would be surprised how much real work is being done right now.

Let’s assume you video your departure and your family sends the tape to someone. How would this affect you in the future?
It wouldn’t affect me on my home worldline in the least. I would only be concerned how it would affect the “me” here. Of course it may be a large part of my secret agenda and I have no choice but to do it anyway.

I doubt that anyone could determine that you actually time traveled, but it would be a good show.

I wonder what it would have been like to see a plane break the sound barrier before the jet engine was invented?

You said that there will be a big war. Can you at least tell us which cities will be nuked?
No I won’t do that. However, I submit to you that when the moment comes it will be absolutely plain as day that you are unsafe in the cities. The millions people that stay will choose to stay. That’s what comes as a surprise.

Are we traveling in space in 2036?
Not yet but they are working on it.

Has first contact with an alien race occurred?
Not that I’m aware of.

02-25-2001 07:31 AM

You say your machine has a 60-year limit. Is it possible to go back 60 years and then again another 60 years?
Yes, that is possible but the divergence grows exponentially as you move farther away from your worldline of origin. I could make 50-year jumps to go back and see what the world looked like 2000 years ago but there is a strong chance it would look nothing like what I expect. There are larger distortion units that are more accurate and have a larger window.

Have the people in 2036 proved the “worldline theory?” Is there any information you can share with is that proves it?
The Many Worlds theory seems to wrap up very nicely into current string theory. Unfortunately, we have not solved string theory yet either but (n-10) seems to be the best working model we have in 2036. As you are probably aware, the “big equation” does not need the final solution in order to take advantage of the smaller parts that do work in the real world.

You say you don’t want to effect anything by giving information but you could change this worldline just by talking about the war, or anything for that matter.
I don’t believe that knowing a possible future makes it happen. You are capable of changing your worldline for the better right now. None of the things I have said will be a surprise. They were set in motion ten, twenty, even thirty years ago. Are you really surprised to find out that Iraq has nukes now or is that just BS to whip everyone up into accepting the next war?

02-25-2001 01:00 PM

John Titor, I would love to come along with you for a ride to the future.
I appreciate the offer but I’m not sure you would like the year 2036.

What is the next movement in music?
I appreciate your frustration and quite a few people have asked me questions like this. The expected answer is that I don’t want to break my personal code of “time travel ethics”. The real answer is, I just don’t know. I was not prepared for the year 2001, I was prepared for 1975. I don’t suppose it would be very impressive if I told you Disco would be big until 1980.

Am I getting this? You can load up all the people who want to in the back of your Chevy pickup?
Actually, the requests were rhetorical. No one is going back with me.

Thanks. One thing I do find interesting about time travel tech is the expectation that we can pretty much go anywhere at anytime. These systems are quite complicated and they do have limitations. Are you going to be around in 1975?

02-26-2001 09:16 AM

Better then being a fanatic; who believes in people so blindly.
fanatic (n.) A person possessed by an excessive zeal for an uncritical attachment to a cause or position.

Nuclear warfare doesn’t seem to be the biggest form of fighting in the future.
Nuclear war will be very effective at destroying an enemy’s economy and the people’s will to fight.

I doubt nuclear warheads are going to be shot from each end of the globe.
I would caution against that. That’s exactly what “they” want you to think while they continue to develop smaller and more accurate MIRV’s. Have you ever seen a neutron bomb the size of a basketball?

John, you say one of the hardest things to do in 2036 is find clean water. You also say you only trust food you’ve grown. Is any of this a result of your experiences with biological warfare?
Yes and no. Yes, biological warfare and accidents do cause a great deal of problems but the lack of a working infrastructure also hinders the continuation of the food manufacturing you depend on now.

Is there any more background information you can give?
Once I leave, I would not want any attention to come to my family here.

I’m guessing the date of your return to the future is April 19th.
That is a day to remember but I was thinking more along the lines of March 21.

The most likely leader of a war movement like the one you describe would most likely be a Farmer.
Throughout history, farmers have often been a target of oppression because they are absolutely necessary to civilization but too busy to defend themselves. If you push a farmer too far, they stop growing food and have nothing to do but hide in the woods and shoot back.

My asking you if the mention of CERN as a prediction was a genuine question and had nothing to do with making money. Is this comment a hint about the future?
Please do not be offended by my “making a buck” remark. I say it with a wink to help other people form their questions. Yes, some very interesting things will be going on at CERN in the near future.

What is interesting are the type of questions being asked, and the apparent hostility that you’re being subjected to for no reason.
Yes, I find that interesting too. Sometimes I wonder what people are really angry about and I have come to the conclusion that frustration is better directed at the messenger. But then again, that’s history.

I’m sure even in 2036 there is a tendency to tease one’s detractors if they make themselves available.
I have no intention of teasing anyone but I do grow tired of the same cycle over and over again. Eventually, the people who do not like me or what I have to say (real or not) will win. I will either leave or grow tired of answering the same questions.

If your most vociferous detractor continually puts on weak attacks; it takes attention away from the really challenging questions.
Again, please do not confuse my inability to answer the same questions over and over with a desire to make someone upset. I gain nothing by angering anyone or making them look foolish.

He knows what “make a buck” and “more power to you”, and “off the cuff” mean.
I know my English isn’t perfect but I blame my parents for most of the phrases I pick up (wink). It’s different sometimes seeing them in print than hearing them. It took me quite a while to shake off “sock it to me baby”. “Cool” seems to be the longest lived phrase I’ve heard so far and “peace” seems to be making a comeback.

What book written 1884 is required reading for all physics students? If he doesn’t know this it lends more evidence to the fact that he is not a time traveler.
Well, I’m pretty sure it’s not the Principia and it looks more like something to do with Maxwell but to make your point, just about anything can be looked up.

What if John makes a recording of himself and submit that to a voice stress analysis.
I’ve heard a tack in the shoe works. It throws off the baseline “no stress” readings. Also, if you speak slowly enough, you can beat those programs.

02-26-2001 07:01 PM

Is your sense of “timing” off in new time environments?
No, my timing isn’t off. I do however find myself stopping in mid-stride and paying extra attention to my environment when I forget “when” I am. When I was a child, my mother would tell me stories about angels. She told me that angels found it hard to communicate with man because man could remember his past but couldn’t see the future. Angels, acting as the eyes and servants of God, had no memory of the past but had infinite knowledge of the future. Although I am no angel, I often thought about that story after I left 2036. Besides that, I do get a lot of colds.

John, you were born about halfway into this cycle. Gen-Xers would be about 40-50 years old in 2036.
In my opinion, the Gen Xr’s ended up in two categories. There were the ones who had learned to be independent by breaking away from tradition and societies expectations and the others who had no idea how to take care of themselves and just wanted the trains to run on time. The ones in the first group feel very guilty about “letting” the world go to Hell and the ones in the second group are dead.

02-27-2001 10:15 AM

You say you were in the militia fighting the US Army. I would think civilians would have no chance of successfully fighting the military.
You must realize that why people are fighting is more important that what they are fighting with. The conflict was not about taking and holding ground it was about order and rights. They were betting that people wanted security instead of freedom and they were wrong.

Is it a stalemate with the resistance/militia hiding out until the cities are wiped out allowing them to surface?
The cities were not isolated because of them; they were isolated because of us.

You cite the approximate number of cities and military bases intact before the nuclear attack. Are they all hit?
Nuclear weapons and guidance systems are less than perfect. Most targets receive more than one warhead but some of them were more accurate than others. I would estimate the overall accuracy was around 60 to 70 percent.

Three day’s walk from where?
In my experience, a motivated starving person is only capable of walking about three days. The more distance you put between yourself and anyone who is likely to be hungry, the better.

Does anyone stay neutral during the war?
Some try to.

Does anyone lead a normal life during the civil war?

You say the civil war lasts from 2004 to 2008 and then the short big war in 2015. What do the years from 2008 to 2015 look like? How long does WWIII last.
I’m not sure I said that exactly. By 2008, I would say the civil conflict is pretty much at everyone’s doorstep. Western instability during the conflict leads to the attack in 2015. WWIII is very short with a longer period of mop up.

You mention Canadians but I don’t think you mentioned the impact on that country.
There’s not a great deal I know about Canada except to say they were pretty much in the same type of conflict. They did have the Dew Line you know.

You said the position of women is controversial and conservative in 2036. What does that mean?
It certainly isn’t disrespectful. I apologize if it sounded that way. It’s one of those areas I realize will be difficult to discuss because we may lack similar experiences. In 2036, there is not a desire to “have it all”. With factors such as the difficulty in conceiving and the decentralization of production and industry, there is not an unrealistic scramble to have a “career” and a family. Out of necessity and circumstance, family life has become more traditional. However, there are many families where the wife / mother is the main breadwinner and the husband / father remains “home” with the family. The difference is in the method of decision-making. People do not have children (if they are able) unless they can devote the required resources to maintain it.

02-28-2001 01:30 AM

Can you post an answer to my question regarding the “30 second” scenario that I asked about a week or so ago?
If I didn’t get to everything, please expand your question.

02-28-2001 06:17 AM

In order to assist in where I am in the questions, I will post the page and person I left off with. It would also help if you could do the same when asking when I will get to yours. Since my time is growing short, I will be unable to answer questions that have already been asked in some form or another and I will make a note when I come across one.

Unfortunately, it has also come to my attention the proposed email system for sending out the pictures is not working out. Apparently, people on the receiving end of the requesting email are starting to have problems with their computers. They suspect it’s coming from the “asking” email. Before I leave, I do plan to send out a few more pages of the manual and a video of my departure. I’m sure a method of will be developed to do that.

02-28-2001 10:21 AM

Actually, (name of forum member) is quite quick to catch many possible discrepancies in what I’ve said over quite a few sites in the last few months. For example:

What type of money system do you have on your worldline?
Its not very different than it is now. Yes, we have money and credit cards. However, like everything else, the monetary system is decentralized. Banking is based mostly around the community structure. There are no multinational banking or computerized economic systems. There are also no income taxes.

Is there an IRS and a need to keep a lot of receipts and paperwork?
Yes, we pay taxes. I had considered going into more detail about the tax system but I didn’t have a great deal of time. Currently, I am watching my father go over all his taxes and he doesn’t look like he’s having a very good time. My comment referred to the collective misery I see around me during this time of year.

02-28-2001 11:45 AM

I do enjoy the questions and I appreciate the interest.

I suppose there is a difference between a thought experiment and the real world. It appears we have our virtual laboratories confused and I’m not sure I understood all the rules to your experiment and then it occurred to me that in your position, this is all just a thought experiment anyway. I will try to be more literal in my explanation.

I’m not positive but I don’t see anything that indicates the time traveler would remain in the same spot once he arrives. 30 seconds is almost long enough to get coffee in your thought experiment. If that were true, and they all kept moving, then the experiment could go on for quite a while until the planet filled with time travelers. You also stated, “it would appear” as a time loop. If it only appears that way, than the natural divergence may stop the experiment when three or four time travelers arrive and the others end up on different worldlines.

The problem is, what happens to the duplicates as they simultaneously arrive at virtually the exact same location.

Again, you use the world virtually, which to me means not exactly the same spot. Under the laws of physics, I don’t personally know what happens if it were on exactly the same spot but I do know it’s possible. Under the operational limits of the distortion unit, as soon as the VGL sensors pick up an unexpected mass in the target worldline, it would shut down and drop off in a worldline where your experiment is not occurring.

Given that their masses will occupy the same space, what prevents a naked singularity from forming?
I see, now they are in the same space. I suppose that’s a possibility. If so, than the as soon as the experiment started, a singularity would form under the infinite mass and swallow the planet. Perhaps they tried this on Cygnus?

It’s a nice creative answer, but it didn’t address the question. The question was is it a loop; will it decay and how long will it take to decay?
Well, I think it’s a nice creative question too. Under your example, the “loop” would terminate as soon as the singularity forms and would be constantly fed by all the arriving time travelers.

02-28-2001 12:28 PM

After taking a quick shower and listening to the quiet hum of my archiving hard drives, I decided that (forum member name) and I may have made bad second impressions on each other. I find it ironic because it’s people like (same name) that will actually solve those physical issues and make it possible for people like me to go back in time and argue with them. So I hope there are no hard feelings.

It also reminds me of a short story between a bicycle maker in the 1900s and a man who could fly faster than sound.

BICYCLE MAKER: Well Mr. Mach, if your plane can go faster than the speed of sound, how did you solve the compressibility problem that would tear your flimsy craft to pieces?

MR. MACH: First off, the aircraft are much more stable and made of metal instead of wood and fabric. Second, it is possible to pass the sound barrier by designing the wings and body to move the shock wave down the plane as you surpass the speed of sound.

BICYCLE MAKER: Really? Planes made of metal? Well, if your plane can fly faster than sound then why don’t you just fly to the moon?

MR. MACH: It doesn’t work that way. You need air to make the engine function.

BICYCLE MAKER: I see. Your plane can go faster than sound but needs air to function. That’s convenient and it all sounds like a penny-book fantasy to me.

MR. MACH: Perhaps, perhaps not.

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