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Time Travel Experiments Using Kozyrev Mirrors

The Kozyrev Mirrors

In December 1990, in a remote village above the Arctic Circle, two Russian scientists embarked on a daring experiment. Their goal was to enhance human “super-perception” or ESP. They built a device using Kozyrev Mirrors that could shield subjects from electromagnetic interference and amplify their biological energy. The device was a large tube of rolled aluminum with a chair inside.

As soon as the device was built, strange phenomena occurred around the village. Disc-shaped lights hovered around the lab. Balls of energy appeared and disappeared. The Northern Lights became so bright and vivid that they seemed to take physical shape.

Inside the lab, anyone who approached the device with Kozyrev Mirrors felt an unexplainable sense of dread. It took a while to persuade anyone to try it. When the first subject finally sat in the chair, a flash of energy erupted that stunned everyone in the lab. The device worked.

But maybe The Kozyrev Mirrors worked a little too well.

Not only did it boost people’s psychic abilities, it also enabled them to view any place in the world. And soon, they could view any place in time. In fact, these experiments confirmed a theory first proposed in the 1950s. That time, as we know it, doesn’t exist.

the Kozyrev mirrors are a hypo-geomagnetic chamber consisting of a horizontal or vertically oriented cylindrical or spiralling aluminum sheet with enough room to house a person. It was invented by the late physicist Nikolai Kozyrev, and the ISRICA (Institute for Scientific Research in Cosmic Anthropoecology) does the majority of research into the phenomena associated with the mirrors.

Kozyrev mirrors (Russian: Зеркало Козырева, romanized: Zerkalo Kozyreva), in Russian esoteric literature from 1990s, are a device made from long sheets of aluminum (sometimes from glass, or a reflecting, mirror-like material) curled into a cylindrical spiral. It is alleged to focus different types of radiation, including that coming from biological objects, when those objects are placed inside it. Kozyrev mirrors were used in experiments related to extrasensory perception (ESP), conducted in the Institute of Experimental Medicine of Siberia, division of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

This device is named after the astronomer Nikolai Aleksandrovich Kozyrev, but it was neither invented nor described by him.

A 1998 Russian patent, RU2122446, “Device for the correction of man’s psychosomatic diseases”, relates to Kozyrev mirrors. A 1998 Russian patent, RU2122446, “Device for the correction of man’s psychosomatic diseases”, relates to Kozyrev mirrors. Humans, placed into the spirals, allegedly experienced anomalous psycho-physical sensations.

Kozyrev mirrors were shown in a documentary on the Russian state TV channel and articles about them were published in tabloid newspapers in Russia and Ukraine but not in scientific journals.

There is a claim that during one of early experiments in the Arctic village of Dikson, scientists placed an ancient symbol of Trinity into a mirror installation and perceived a field of force around the setup. The experiment was led by Vlail Kaznacheev, of the Russian Academy of Medical Science.

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