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The Mud Flood Theory 101

The event is "mud flood theory" in which several feet of mud washed in and buried the ground levels of buildings .

In recent years, a new alternative world history claim has arisen from the Internet — and it’s a doozy. It revolves around a worldwide cataclysm believed by adherents to have taken place sometime in the 1800s, a disaster that wiped out a worldwide advanced civilization and allowed the nations as we know them today to rise up. The event was a “mud flood” in which several feet of mud washed in and buried the ground levels of houses and buildings everywhere. Those cities and towns that were partially buried constituted the worldwide advanced civilization called Tartaria, which had free wireless energy and was populated — at least in part — by giants. It was a civilization “reset”: out with the old, in with the new; and that “new” civilization is us. If this sounds too silly to be worth anyone’s time to even listen to.

Then find any modern photograph of any old building that has floors below street level, especially if it has basement windows peeking out, or if there’s excavation going on next door which has exposed its basement walls or foundations, and say that the building’s lower levels were obviously buried by mud.

As far as the previous civilization being named Tartaria goes, this part is more interesting. As you may or may not know, Tartars was the generic name used by Europeans up until the middle of the 19th century for the people who inhabited the largely unexplored regions of Asia, including what we now know as Manchuria, Siberia, and Central Asia. Many pre-20th century world maps showed these regions labeled simply as Tartary; and as geographical knowledge gradually increased, Manchuria and Mongolia became Chinese Tartary, Siberia became Great Tartary, and Central Asia became Independent Tartary. These placeholder names quickly dropped out of use as the true place names and nations became known.

However, today most people have no idea that such a large part of the world was called Tartary relatively recently. And when they watch a YouTube video showing so many old maps boldly labeling central Eurasia with an unfamiliar name, it can be pretty surprising. In fact it can be so surprising that it might leave a person open to an astounding explanation for it…. such as “mud flood theory“.

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