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The Moon is Artificial and I Can Prove It!

The Moon is Artificial, Plasma or a hologram.

No doubt you’ve heard some of the completely unexplainable stories about the moon. There are the enigmatic structures that made front-page news of major new publications… but were then dismissed from all media, and even photo-shopped out of photos. There are the strange “lunar wave” videos of recent years, which seem to show the moon’s image actually jumping – as though it were a projected hologram; and.. you only need to search YouTube to see hundreds of entirely credible videos of strange lights, flurries, and unidentified flying aircraft departing and landing on the surface of the moon.

Yet, the US supposedly quit landing on the moon in 1973, was our every scientific question answered? Why are these credible testimonies ignored… or dismissed? Could there be more to that ball in the sky than meets the eye

If you research the moon, you might be surprised to learn that the moon is artificial . Its reference in ancient history, its perfect geometrical symmetry, astronaut testimonies, all seem to point to only one logical conclusion: that our moon is most likely a hollowed out structure, and an artificial satellite, that was intentionally placed into Earth’s orbit only a few hundred thousand years ago – and that the advanced engineers accomplished this intending not only to influence the Earth’s biology but to oversee and control her inhabitants.

Intriguing theories surrounding the moon:

1. The Hologram Moon Theory:
– Some unconventional thinkers propose that the moon is not a solid celestial body but rather a holographic projection created by humans.
– A cameraman, who spent years meticulously filming the moon through a high-quality telescope, claims to have proof that the moon is an illusion and that the moon is artificial .
– According to this theory:
– The moon is intentionally fabricated by humans to deceive us.
– Its purpose might be to conceal something greater and more superior.
– The moon’s apparent existence is merely a cleverly crafted illusion.
– The cameraman even caught something called a “lunar wave”, which he believes confirms the moon’s holographic nature.
– While this theory is highly controversial, it has garnered attention and sparked debate among skywatchers and conspiracy enthusiasts.

2. Plasma Moon Hypothesis:
– Another scientific perspective suggests that the moon is not a hologram but rather a plasma-like structure.
– Here are some related ideas:
– When meteorites strike the moon, they create a dusty plasma—a gas of ions and electrons.
– This plasma could generate a strong magnetic field and potentially magnetize lunar rocks near impact zones.
– The moon’s appearance might be influenced by interactions between solar rays and atmospheric gases, leading to the formation of plasma matter that constitutes the moon.
– While this theory doesn’t claim the moon is entirely plasma, it highlights the role of plasma-like phenomena in lunar processes.

3. The Holographic Principle:
– Beyond the moon, there’s a broader concept known as the holographic principle that expands the concept that the moon is artificial .
– Inspired by black hole thermodynamics, this principle suggests that the maximum entropy in any region scales with the radius squared, rather than cubed as expected.
– In essence, information about a three-dimensional volume can be encoded on a two-dimensional surface, akin to a hologram.
– While this principle isn’t directly tied to the moon, it underscores the idea that reality might be more complex than our everyday perceptions.

In summary, whether the moon is a hologram, plasma, or a solid celestial body, the mysteries surrounding it continue to captivate our imagination. As we explore the cosmos, let’s remain open to both scientific inquiry and the allure of the unknown!

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