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Shadow Group Predicts 65%+ Population Decline in U.S. by 2025

Deagel Corporation is a Shadow Group

Did the Deagel Corporation, a military contractor and shadow group, issue a 2014 population forecast showing a 70.2% population reduction for the U.S. coming by late 2025? It was published on their website apparently until it disappeared in 2021.

Update: has pulled the Future Forecasts For Good! As of today, Deagel only posts through 2022. On the better side, I did actually copy one of the most important sections on the site and that’s the footnote, which is included below. (Their opinion as to the downfall of the U.S.) I’m including an April, 2021 interview that Doug Casey did in International Man when asked to take a look at Deagel and give his thoughts. Download the PDF at the bottom of the article for that; it’s enlightening.

A very interesting (mysterious, peculiar, eerie, macabre ) military hardware site that’s been around since about 2003 is:, a shadow group. Since the inception, this site has had verified numbers which can be traced back to the Wayback machine. They have since updated their info to reflect a global depopulation predicted for 2025.

They identify the site as a Guide to military equipment and civil Aviation. They break down military equipment, aircraft, systems, vessels, weapons, ships, gear, etc.

The Deagel Corporation is known for its online presence as a source of military, defense, and aviation information. It provides data and analysis on a wide range of topics, including military equipment and civil aviation as a shadow group.


Data and Analysis: This shadow group offers detailed information on military equipment and civil aviation, including news updates and equipment specifications.
Military Intelligence: Some sources suggest that Deagel has connections to military intelligence and prepares confidential briefing documents for high-level decision-makers.
Controversy: The corporation has been the subject of controversy due to its depopulation projections, which have been criticized as dystopian and speculative.

It’s important to note that while Deagel has been associated with military intelligence, the exact nature of its operations and affiliations with government agencies is not publicly disclosed and should be approached with a critical eye. The information available online about Deagel is mixed, with some sources attributing significant influence and others questioning the credibility of its projections.

H.A. Graves

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