Remote viewing case no. 43

Remote viewing case no. 43 was one of the more intriguing programs that produced some interesting results was one known as Project Stargate, which trained operatives in astral projection and remote viewing.

Remote viewing case no. 43

The CIA has revealed details of its “Project Star Gate” mission to develop psychic abilities for the first time. Much of the Project Star Gate protocols can be seen from the viewing of Remote viewing case no. 43. For further clarification on Remote Viewing, see Remote Viewing 101.

The revelations come as part of a huge dump of documents – almost 12 million in all – that are being made available on the internet. And they show the organization’s plans to harness the supernatural in ways that have never been seen before.

Project Star Gate, as it was known, was the codename for a US government project intended to use psychic and supernatural phenomenon for spying and military uses. In one of the pages, it lays out why the government wants to use it – the benefits include the fact that it is “passive”, “inexpensive” and that there is “no known defense”.

The papers show how the organization was looking to harness those powers to spy on people, to make changes to important objects and . All of that would be done by operatives, as in the above diagram of Remote viewing case no. 43,  far from the people and things that were actually being affected.

Psychoenergetics“, for instance, describes a “mental process” where a person can perceive, communicate or change characteristics of something or someone that it separate from that person in space or time. It also describes things such as remote viewing, where people can see things in another place, and telekenisis, where someone can move an object that they’re not actually touching.

Remote Viewing Case No. 43
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