Rare antiquarian cartography maps

Submarine Cables of the World
Submarine Cables of the World with the Principal Connecting Land Lines also Coaling, Docking, and Repairing Stations. 1896 (dated) A striking look at the state of global communication on the eve of the twentieth century, this is an 1896 H.G. Brewer map of the world illustrating the network of submarine cables. The map depicts the world on a Mercator Projection from the Philippines to the Caroline Islands and the Coral Sea and from Greenland to Antarctica. Telegraph cables are highlighted in red.

Geographicus Rare Antique Maps

In March 2011, Geographicus rare antiquarian cartography maps, a specialist dealer in fine and rare antiquarian cartography and historic maps, donated their collection of over 2000 digital images to Wikimedia Commons. Here is just a small selection of a really great collection. Explore more, and help Wikimedia to categorize them, here. Each map shown below is linkable to the Wikimedia Commons page with more info about the map and higher resolution images. A huge thank you to Geographicus for sharing these amazing images!

Rare antiquarian cartography maps

Comparative Heights of the Principal Mountains
Table of the Comparative Heights of the Principal Mountains in the World; Finley’s attractive c. 1826 map of the comparative heights of the principal mountains of the world.
Humboldt’s Distribution of Plants
Physical Geography. Humboldt’s Distribution of Plants in Equinoctial America, According to Elevation Above the Level of the Sea (1839)
Rare antiquarian cartography maps 1
1665 Kircher Map of the Interior of the World w/Volcanic and Water Systems The most complete illustration of Kircher's revolutionary hydro-geographic theories.
Rare antiquarian cartography maps 2
Map Of The Country Thirty Three Miles Around The City Of New York (1879), by Joseph Hutchins Colton.

About Geographicus

Geographicus rare antiquarian cartography maps was founded in New York, New York, by Kevin James Brown in 1999. We are generalist antiquarians dealing in historic maps from all over the world and in all price ranges. Our enthusiasm, passion and devotion to scholarship is expressed in our meticulously researched descriptions, among the most detailed and comprehensive available anywhere, for each and every rare map that passes over our desk.

This same devotion guides the relationships of honesty and trust we have fostered with our clients, whether through purchasing or selling a rare map, getting an appraisal, or simply calling to discuss antique maps in general. We are happy to assist you no matter whether you are an interior decorator, an institution, an experienced collector, or are just looking for a single antique map.

Geographicus is a member of the ABAA (Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association of America), the ILAB (International League of Antiquarian Booksellers), Philip Lee Phillips Society, the New York Map Society, the Washington Map Society, the International Map Collectors Society and the Society for the History of Discoveries. While primarily an internet-based company, we are happy to meet with clients to show our antique maps by appointment at our New York City location.

Geographicus also works with clients to provide map themed interior design services as well as manufacture and install collection storage and display solutions.

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