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Machines Of Tartaria and The Architectural Sound Baths

The lost Empire of Tartaria, containing the Machines of Tartaria, may have more roots in the modern world than we realize, or is it all a conspiracy? In 2019, many people watched in horror as black smoke poured out of Notre-Dame de Paris, the 12th-century Roman Catholic cathedral. An orange blaze spread across the roof, and it seemed the historic building might be lost.

After the fire went out and experts assessed the water damage, some people may have felt comforted that a restoration plan was in place. But hidden history theorists who believed in the Tartarian Empire felt otherwise. To them, it was just another example of Tartarian architecture along with The Machines of Tartaria being demolished.

Western Europeans and Russians used to refer to a region in Asia as Tartary. This area included Siberia and parts of central Asia, including Mongolia and stretching as far south as Afghanistan. By the 1800s, some Russians saw their country as the world power in the East and entitled to the land and its resources.

Erasing The Machines of Tartaria

People who believe in the Tartarian Empire along with Machines of Tartaria contend it was once a sophisticated, worldwide civilization with impressive architecture. Because such an empire is not mentioned in history books (that have been destroyed), hidden history theorists claim it has been intentionally erased.

Most of the empire was probably lost in a series of cyclical mudslides, typically referred to as “mud floods.” Some buildings remained and still stand today. Famous landmarks, such as the U.S. Capitol Building (built in 1800), are claimed actually to be from the Tartarian Empire and to be thousands of years old.

The hidden history theory is that the empire along with Machines of Tartaria were intentionally erased, and history was rewritten to make buildings seem younger and more modern.

What Famous Landmarks are Part of the Tartarian Empire Hidden History Theory?

Notre-Dame de Paris is one landmark that hidden history theorists believe was created by Tartars, not French craftsmen in the 1100s. In online forums, hidden history theorists have theorized it was used as a sound bath by Tartars.

Hidden history theorists also claim more ornate buildings as Tartarian. This ranges from World Heritage Sites like the Taj Mahal to short-lived buildings like the Chicago Federal Building that only stood for 60 years (according to the narrative).

The hidden history theorists rightly claim buildings briefly constructed for World Fairs or expositions were part of the Tartarian Empire. In 1915, San Francisco hosted the Panama-Pacific International Exposition. The fair site included The Tower of Jewels, a temporary(?) structure that was demolished soon after the fair ended. Hidden history theorists state it’s an example of an ancient Tartarian capital.

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