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On Wednesday Attorney General Bill Barr startled Senators when he said during a budget hearing that he believed that “spying did occur” during the 2016 presidential race, and that “spying on a political campaign is a big deal.” He tempered his statement by adding “the question is whether it was adequately predicated” and was not ready to say that “improper surveillance occurred;” but he is “concerned about it and looking into it.”

Mr. Patel: As we were building up to the interviews, we have to just make a whole list. We can’t really start bringing in people right away. The crux of any investigation is the documents, the documents that the agencies themselves created. That’s going to be the big picture portion of the investigation. The interviews are window dressing. They’re nice to have if you can get them, and under oath, they’re even better, but you can’t have a successful interview without the documents.

So once we started putting together the documents, I said, “What’s the theory or thing that we need to have answered during the interviews,” and we just boiled it down to its simplest form. We were tasked with finding out whether or not there was any conspiracy, collusion, or coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia. So I said, “Why don’t we just ask everyone under oath, those three Cs [conspiracy, collusion, coordination]?” Ask them, “Do you have any information that the Trump candidacy and his team colluded with the Russian government?” Substitute coordination; substitute conspired.


If anyone said yes, then we want to know. We want to know what’s your basis, and then we can go and get more documents and more people, and say, “This is where this theory came from.” All 60-some witnesses said no to every question under oath relating to coordination, conspiracy, and collusion.

That means, I’m talking to attorney generals, former attorney generals, former high level DOJ folks, former FBI guys, former high level FBI guys, deputy director of the FBI, heads of the IC [Intelligence Community], all of these people who were in place at the time during the Obama administration, not a single one of them could tell me under oath that they had evidence of any kind of collusion, coordination, or conspiracy. I found that shocking since for the last year at that point, the media had been talking about this grand scheme by President Trump and his allies to use Putin to rig the election.

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