energy balancing by numbers

Healing by using the frequency of energy balancing by numbers

Lloyd Mear often tells the story of the day he had his heart attack while driving in a very remote area of Canada. The nearest hospital was 60 miles away and he was by himself. Determined, Lloyd put up an extraordinary fight, suffering extreme nausea and often finding himself passed out on the wrong side of the road in oncoming traffic. It took him 6 hours to drive that 60 miles but somehow he made it and walked through the doors of the hospital telling the staff he thought he was having a heart attack. This was the start of his trek into energy balancing by numbers.

Four stints later, he knew that it could happen again if he didn’t get his arteries clean. Lloyd determined that the type of plaque he had was caused by exposure to a caliche limestone deposit below his home. Being a civil engineer with over 20 years experience in the mining field, Lloyd knew a bit about minerals and their isotopes. Having studied for years how gold is formed in rivers, Lloyd knew that if he provided his body with the right isotopes the plaque would dissolve on its own.

He figured out that if he put the energy of Indium 125 into water it would get rid of his particular type of plaque. When the energy of Indium 125 gets into the blood stream through drinking the charged water, the plaque would slowly go back into solution and exit the body. Within a month his arteries were clean as a whistle! Inspired, Lloyd set to work developing energy balancing by numbers. He said, ‘If I can do this with one correct isotope of energy in water, what can I do if I had all of the correct isotopes I need in the water?’ And the birth of his Energy Balancing Manual began.

Energy Balancing By Numbers

Energy balancing by numbers

In 2008, Lloyd Mear and his wife, Phyllis, created the first edition of the energy balancing manual. It contained over 2,000 frequencies used to balance a person’s energetic body. Since then, Lloyd has added nearly 4,000 new frequency combinations. Lloyd’s original manual was made up of typed pages in a binder and had never been revised. As more energy balancing by numbers were discovered, he added them to the back of the manual. This made searching for the right number challenging, to say the least.

Until Now!

Lloyd Mear’s manual has completely updated energy balancing by numbers and is now available for orders. We’re so excited about this creation, it’s something that Lloyd has wanted to do for a long time but was too busy with his clients to take on the extensive project in upgrading the manual.

Thankfully with today’s OCR software we were able to accomplish this task and bring Lloyd’s work to the world. We worked hard to preserve the original manual and it’s categories. We decided to add a few more categories for ease of use. If you already own Lloyd’s original manual, you’ll find your transition to Energy Balancing by Numbers offered here that much easier.

What Lloyd has created with the help of his higher source is nothing short of amazing. Scan through a few sample pages and you’ll see for yourself. Keep in mind that Lloyd Mear doesn’t use a computer to generate numbers. He uses his subconscious mind with a dowsing rod built on years of experience with the work. Amazingly, his method continues to generate new numbers and never a duplicate number. Take a moment to marinate on that, almost 6,000 numbers and none alike.

Balancing By Numbers

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