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Was The Destiny of America Intentionally Designed Before Christianity?

The Secret Destiny Of America -
Manly P. Hall

Evidence is presented which indicates that the seeds of democracy were planted one thousand years before the beginning of the Christian Era, suggesting that America is not merely a political and industrial entity, but an “assignment of destiny.”

The Secret Destiny Of America – Manly P. Hall. From the author of the landmark Secret Teachings of All Ages comes two classic works on the mysterious origins and unique mission of America: The Secret Destiny of America and America’s Assignment with Destiny.

Focusing on often-forgotten moments in history, Manley P. Hall proposes that there was a Great Plan put forth one thousand years before our nation’s founding: humanistic and mystical organizations wished for the continent to be the location for an experiment in self-government and religious freedom.

As one of the leading esoteric scholars of the twentieth century, Hall offers an intriguing view of our past, discussing everything from the symbolism of the Great Seal of the U.S. to the prophecy announced at George Washington’s birth.

00:00:50 – PART ONE
00:53:18 – PART TWO
01:43:27 – PART THREE
02:33:40 – PART FOUR

Synopsis of book and video

Some interesting points are as follows: they [secret societies],admire the Egyptians, Akhnaton to be exact and his plan for a world brotherhood, Greeks discovered America, Atlantis was formed by 10 benevolent kings, Greece had the 1st democracy 600 years before Christ, America was built for the New World Democracy, Human interest, policy and selfishness lead to war so you need Generals who are not sensitive for peace in other words order out of chaos, Plutarch said America was unexplored because Atlantis was destroyed so no one went west but before that the Egyptians and others were in the Great Lakes region,

the Egyptians had huge ships that even had orchard groves on them, Solomon visited Egypt and said they had an underground river that had 2 columns that had the Laws to govern nations written on them not made by man, Solomon king of Israel wanted a temple built so he sent for Hiram Abiff, a master of Dionysian Artificers and the exclusive right to build temples he also worshiped God under geometric symbolism,

Columbus was a member of a Philosophers club and said the Earth is a globe, Mohammeds destiny was guided by a unknown man in a black robe, Nostrodamus was a member of The Order of the Quest [so maybe he wasn’t a seer, just a mason reading of a well laid future plan by secret societies], Sir Francis Bacon also was an Order of the Quest member –

any way the book goes on to talk about Quetzacoatl {the feathers serpent} who wore a white robe with red crucifixes on it and started a Democracy with the Mayans, Ben Franklin, Cabalism, our Presidents, European Spanish and German secret societies that settled America, here’s an interesting fact, Ben Franklin wanted a wild Turkey to be the symbol of our country, Popul Vuh, James Pryse wrote The Book of the Azure Veil in it he states that Amaruca translates as America or The Land of The Plumed Serpent, s

ecret societies believe that all Holy Priest are masculine and feminine endogenous for a spiritual union, German women formed a group called Wissahickon in the woods of Pennsylvania [witches?wiccas?] well you get the idea as we all know by now secret societies are a secret for their demonic World Revolutionary Movement, that said a very interesting read.

By Jim Boccio

Altrusian Grace Media


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