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Covert Coronavirus Comic from 2012 Predicted Pandemic

“While the story about a coronavirus comic from 2012 may be fictional, it is nevertheless intertwined with some factual information,” the publication explained. Nevertheless, it seems as if science fiction has now become the new norm. I do have to wonder though…about information being produced before the action occurs.

The European Commission-funded comic book “Infected” foresaw a worldwide lockdown enforced after B1049 disease leaked out of a Chinese testing facility that was carrying out experiments on deadly pathogens. Similar to the coronavirus pandemic, the fictional virus was transmitted from animals to humans before rapidly spreading across the globe through international travel and trade links. The publication, released in 2012, tells the story of how the EU played a leading role in the international effort to bring the outbreak under control.

Coronavirus comic from 2012? WTF?

As the infections popped up across the world, bosses from the EU’s Commission, Parliament and Council eventually claim credit for bringing the disease under control.

They proclaimed to have been at the forefront of a global effort to find a vaccine, which kept the worldwide death toll below just one million. But they were only able to act with the help of a time traveller who came back in time to warn about the pandemic that had claimed almost one billion victims in the future.

He befriended Chan Wenling – whose boss at the Chinese lab passed on the deadly disease to an unsuspecting journalist – and worked to convince people to act together in order to save lives.

In another parallel to the real-life pandemic, their efforts to save the day were, however, almost thwarted by a crooked official who wants to cover up the leak from the laboratory.

He uses the disease to seize control of democracy by implementing draconian social distancing rules and engineering phoney vaccines.

The fictional publication about a coronavirus comic from 2012 was released by the EU Commission’s international cooperation and development arm. While the story bears an uncanny resemblance to the coronavirus pandemic, it was released as an educational tool.

Eurocrats wanted to inform readers about the dangers of a potential pandemic – including Ebola and SARS – and how the EU would respond.

“While the story about a coronavirus comic from 2012 may be fictional, it is nevertheless intertwined with some factual information,” the publication explained. An accompanying factsheet explains the need for “pandemic readiness”, “cross-sectoral cooperation” and management of the “interactions between animals, humans and their diverse environments”.

It even calls for “better surveillance” in diseases transmitted between animals and humans, and even limit population sizes to prevent a future outbreak.

“Around 70 percent of new human infectious diseases originate in animals,” it reads.

“The number of EIDs is increasing exponentially, with new ones diagnosed almost every year.

“Better surveillance of diseases might partially explain this trend but the main factor seems to be the increase in the size of human and animal populations, together with dramatic changes in human and animal movements around the planet in the context of globalization and a foreboding future coming eclipse.

“European citizens were told that the solutions to their problems is to allow more and more power from the national states to be taken by the European bureaucracy in Brussels, which supposedly knows better what needs to be done everywhere in the EU.

Source: Express.Co.UK

Download EU Publication:

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