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More Cancer Cures – Derived From An Apricot Pit!

More Cancer Cures

Most people would likely agree that corruption exists in multiple areas of our lives, and the documentary film Second Opinion shows how the medical field and government agencies that are supposed proponents of the health of American citizens are not immune to such corruption. The films’ mission is to once again uncover a cover up of a natural “drug” that has not only been proven effective in slowing the growth of cancerous tumors, but is also cheap and virtually unpatentable; the latter being the implied and suggested reasoning behind the cover up.

In the cancer cures category, Laetrile is a substance that remains illegal in the United States today although it is currently being clinically tested internationally in countries including Germany, repeatedly tested positive over the years in tests with lab rats as an affective method of slowing and even temporarily stopping the growth of cancerous tumors. Laetrile is derived from the pit of apricots, and while outlawed it is not harmful.

In the late 70’s, cancer patients were running to Tijuana in large numbers to obtain laetrile injections, nearly1/10th in fact, but then something changed. In Second Opinion Ralph Moss Ph.D, who was hired as the Science Writer in Public Affairs for Sloan Kettering (a prestigious American cancer research institute where laetrile studies were originally conducted) gives us an in depth look at how the opinion of the public was swayed in opposition to the treatment that tested overwhelmingly positive until the testing was taken over and results purposely tainted by the powers that be. Those powers include major names in cancer fighting and government agencies, like: the FDA, the NIH, the American Cancer Society, and the National Cancer Institute.

This film shows us the enduring fight of a man who was brave enough to stand up for his convictions and what he knew to be the truth, risking it all to inform the public of a sham perpetrated by organizations that remain open today largely due to the support of the public that they’ve lied to. It is worth watching past the credits for an appeal from the films’ director, as well as additional footage that exposes additional players in the cover up and more checkable facts that were leaked by Moss when he was employed at Sloan Kettering in the arena of Public Affairs writing.

The revelations, all stemming from true and documented information, will hit you like a ton of bricks as a viewer, and hopefully inspire change in the way we think about the treatment of a disease that continues to affect many people throughout the world today, and how we interpret and accept information provided to us by anyone.

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