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Avoiding The Earth-Apophis Asteroid Crash

DATE: January 29, 2018
FROM: Harry Lear (Pentagon and Saigon, Vietnam MACV HQ in SSD, ACSI, Special Security Detachment, Assistant Chief of Staff Intelligence, Top Secret Crypto EO NOFORN, other classified special access codes – 1965-67 US Army)
FORMULA: Measuring Pi Squaring Pi

The Apophis Asteroid: An Open Letter to Pres. Trump

1. The Apophis Asteroid was predicted to exist by a Swiss individual named Billy Eduard Meier in 1981 and stated that it would crash into Earth on April 13, 2029. This was 25 years before Earth astronomers discovered Apophis in 2004. Mr. Meier has been publishing astronomical and other information as a contactee meeting with human ETs called The Plejaren for the last 75 years. Billy Meier and the Plejaren called Apophis “The Red Meteor” and predicted from their calculations that Apophis would strike planet Earth somewhere along the Tectonic Plate from the North Sea (Northern England) to the Black Sea (near Ukraine). They still hold this prediction to date and state that (for some reason regarding their belonging to a High Council of many other ET humans in our Milky Way Galaxy) they are not allowed to physically save Earth from this upcoming Apophis asteroid Cosmic Catastrophe but can provide us with the information for us to save ourselves.

Hence the prediction they gave to Billy Meier in 1981 to provide to us Earthlings advance knowledge of this event. Note that NASA, 25 years after 1981, independently came up with the same “close encounter” date of April 13, 2029, AND April 13, 2036 if Apophis is slingshot through Earth’s Gravity Keyhole in 2029. The difference is that NASA is using an erroneous value of Pi in their orbit and other calculations.

2. Besides having provided the Apophis-Asteroid-Striking-Earth Prediction in 1981, the Plejaren and Billy Meier have maintained for the last 60 years or so that Earthlings are currently using the wrong value of Pi, which is the difference between Meier’s crash prediction and NASA’s near-crash prediction of the Apophis asteroid on the same date. Meier and the Plejaren state that Earthlings will have to discover the true value of Pi if we want to prevent the Apophis-Asteroid-Earth Crash, plus accomplish future things such as time travel (which the Plejaren apparently do) and pull energy from black holes.

For the last several thousand years, no mathematician, not Archimedes, not Euler, not Euclid, not Sir Issac Newton, not Leibnitz, not Einstein (a physicist who wasn’t looking for the proof of Pi but used Pi = 3.1416…), or anybody else as far as I know — until now, at Measuring Pi Squaring Phi — has been able to present a proof for the true value of Pi. Why?

One of the main stumbling blocks for today’s mathematicians is that they (a.) have not physically measured the Pi circumference of a one-unit diameter circle and thus do not know that Pi cannot possibly be 3.14159… , (b.) apparently no mathematician (until now) has discovered the special relationship between the “special squaring” of the sides of a Kepler Golden Ratio Right Triangle, and (c.) too many mathematicians using Archimedes’ polygon limit approach think it is OK to compute the tangent or arctangent of a right triangle whose short side is “curved” and not straight.

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