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A Vibrant Celestial Atlas For Astrologers

Harmonia Macrocosmica (1660), celestial atlas for astrologers from the Dutch Golden Age of cartography, maps the structure of the heavens in twenty-nine extraordinary double-folio spreads. We are presented with the motions of the celestial bodies, the stellar constellations of the northern hemisphere, the old geocentric universe of Ptolemy, the newish heliocentric one of Copernicus, and Tycho Brahe’s eccentric combination of the two in a celestial atlas for astrologers — in which the Moon orbits the Earth, and the planets orbit the Sun, but the Sun still orbits the Earth. The marginal area of each brightly coloured map is a hive of activity: astronomers bent over charts debate their findings, eager youngsters direct their quadrants skywards, and cherubs fly about with pet birds in tow.

a celestial atlas for astrologers

Selenographic Phases of the Moon
Selenographic Phases of the Moon
Aratus' Model of the Universe
Aratus' Model of the Universe
The Spiral Revolution of the Sun
The Spiral Revolution of the Sun
Scenography of the Planetary Orbits
Scenography of the Planetary Orbits
The Planisphere of Copernicus
The Planisphere of Copernicus Map
Planisphaerivm Brahevm
Planisphaerivm Brahevm

The Celestial Atlas of Andreas Cellarius (1660)

The life of the Dutch-German creator of the folio, Andreas Cellarius, has only come down to us in skeleton form in his celestial atlas for astrologers. He was born around 1596 in a small town near Worms and spent his adult life as a schoolmaster in Amsterdam, the Hague and finally Hoorn. Around 1637 he was appointed rector of a Latin school in Hoorn where he wrote the Harmonia Macrocosmica and all his other scholarly works (including one on designing impregnable fortifications).

Intended as a historical introduction for two-volume treatise on cosmography, only this first part, printed by the Amsterdam publisher Johannes Janssonius in 1660, was ever realised. In 1708, some forty years or so after Cellarius’ death, the Amsterdam publishers Gerard Valk and Petrus Schenk the Younger published a version just containing the plates, and it is this later edition from which many of the images in this post come.

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