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In recent years, the public perception of owning a haunted house has gone from being most people’s worst nightmares to damn near enviable, but for those of us who’ve found ourselves living in a home prone to paranormal activity, the situation isn’t always a Tim-Burton dance number or a slam dunk book deal. Living in a haunted home can be a frightening, confusing, and often life-changing experience.. for better or worse.

Still looking for a spooky home to call your very own? If you do want to buy a haunted house, I hope that the first step in the process is to ask yourself just exactly what your motivation is. Are you hoping to end up on your favorite paranormal series? Are you going to convert it into a haunted bed and breakfast? Or are you just hoping to have your own personal experiences with the paranormal?

I’ve put together a series of steps that anyone looking to own a genuine haunted house should diligently stick to. If you find yourself only making it through half the list, you may want to think about abandoning your idea and finding with a nice, quiet, two-story ranch instead.


So you’ve discovered a beautiful victorian with arched windows, a spiral staircase, and a spooky widow’s peak. It’s well-within your price range, and better yet, the seller is offering you a deal because it’s haunted. This place would make the ultimate paranormal paradise, but are the building’s ghosts rooted in true encounters or urban legends?

Before you pull the trigger, press the seller. Who are the ghosts? How did they die? Who did they scare? Did they appear to any of the previous owners?

If the sellers are claiming that the house is haunted, they should be able to reasonably provide evidence that there’s truth to their claims.

Source: WeekInWeird