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The Aquarian Age has not yet arrived, although its influences are already being felt, and it will not be fully with us for over six hundred more years– or in approximately 2,600 A.D.

We readily recognize the Piscean influence during the last two thousand years. The superstition, intellectual bondage, and blind faith through which civilization has passed are well known to historians. On the other hand, however, the influences of the Piscean Age were necessary in the process of evolution.

The Teachings of love and altruism which Christ brought to our Earth were so foreign to the Religion of Law–and of fear–which had come before that they could not begin to take effect among the majority of mankind without the stressing of faith, even a blind faith which included the doctrine of the “Vicarious Atonement.” During the Piscean Age–which will perhaps be remembered as the Age of Faith in contrast to the Aquarian Age of Reason–the tenets of the new Christianity (love and unselfishness) were taught to an ever-increasing circle of believers.Abstinence from flesh-eating was practiced on certain days. Reverence was paid to an Immaculate Virgin. Gradually man was and is being taught to forsake the lusts of the flesh and also lusting after the flesh. In the six hundred years which remain before the Aquarian Age is definitely ushered in, we in all probability will make great strides in both of these areas of consciousness. It is well to remember, also, that Jupiter, the planet of benevolence and philanthropy which is co-ruler of Pisces, has been a prominent factor in promoting altruism during the past two millennia.

If we now can find out what the influence of the sign Aquarius is, we shall learn more about the Aquarian Age.